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Mary reads the current news feeds

One of the underlying activities in Mary Richard's life (and Rhoda's, too) was the hunt for the perfect mate. Here is a list of the men that Mary dated, romanced or attracted before she finally settled down with her Congressman husband.

Mary: I'm an experienced woman. I've been around... Well, all right, I might not've been around, but I've been... nearby.

Mary's Beaus  and Other Romantic Complications

Eric Matthews Mary finds a guest on WJM-TV's show 'Scrutiny' interesting. Mary hits it off with Eric and he even dedicates his book to her. But eventually Eric's height, (he's several inches shorter) makes Mary self-conscious about the relationship. Mary inadvertently introduced Eric to Rhoda thusly: "Eric, I'd like you to meet Rhoda Morgenstern. Rhoda, this is Eric Shrimp."
Howard & Paul Arnell Mary runs into her former boyfriend, Howard when she attends her Roseburg High School reunion. Mary also become interested in Howard's brother Paul and dated him, as well. 
Governor's aide. Mary's interest in a Governor's aide soon fizzles when he keeps canceling all his dates because of political obligations.
Mike Cooper Mary finds a friend of Lou Grant's intriguing - at least his voice. She asks Mr. Grant to hook her up on a date despite Lou's objection.
Paul Van Dillen Mary dates a man for his looks only and soon realizes she has nothing in common with him. 
Matt Bryan Mary is attracted to an architect who came to sketch her building. But she feels awkward about her relationship when she discovers the man's son, Matt, Jr. is only six year younger than she is and has also expressed an interest in her.
Doug Slaughter, Murray's Dad Mary meets a charming older gentleman and begins to date him.  What Mary did not know: it was Murray's father. But Mary likes the man while everyone in her life was having a hard time seeing her in such a May/December relationship.  
Ross Nelson Mary begins dating the anchorman from Minneapolis's top news show. But when she compares and contrasts her station with her competition, she soon suffers from a bad case of low self-esteem.
Father Terrance Brian Mary works with a priest on a film project. But when he decides to leave the Church, Mary thinks she might be the motivating factor behind his decision..
Bob Rhoda's boyfriend becomes more interested in Mary, much to her chagrin.
Ken Mary likes her new boyfriend, Ken but finds his son, Stevie absolutely insufferable.
Stephen, In a reverse of Murray's dad's relationship, Mary dates a man seven years younger. But after she meets some of his friends, she begins to rethink her choice in younger men.
Ben Selwyn Mary becomes a sexual pawn when Lou's old and amorous Army buddy (to whom Lou had owed a big favor for 30 years) asks Lou to get him a date with her as away of repaying him for past debts.
Joe Warner Mary falls for a construction worker. unfortunately, he has a hard time with the words. "I love you."
John Corcoran Mary innocently accepts a luncheon date with a man. Unfortunately, she quickly learns two things - she is attracted to him and that he is also married..
Wes Callison Mary's former boyfriend, Wes gets a job in the WJM-TV newsroom but his affection for Mary gets in the way of his work. Wes was formerly a comedy writer for Chuckles the Clown
William Campbell Bess's Lindstrom's 15-year-old boyfriend, William falls in love with Mary and begins to show up at her home and work with that far away look in his eyes.
Robert C. Brand A shy IRS agent audits Mary's taxes but soon becomes more interested in her "figure" than his figures..
Dan Whitfield Mary and Rhoda take a night course in journalism. Mary finds the professor attractive and they begin to date. Dan leaves town. When he returns, he bumps into Mary in an elevator. Realizing, he still has feelings for Mary, he breaks off his upcoming engagement, and proposes to Mary. Dan leaves town again but returns to Minneapolis and now Mary is forced to choose between him and her current boyfriend Joe Warner.
Ted & Hal Baxter Ted wants to make his brother Hal (a professional model) jealous, so he sets up a double date. Of course, Mary is Ted's date. Hal gets Rhoda.
Murray Slaughter Murray has worked closely with Mary in the newsroom and develops a crush/love for Mary. At one point, he jeopardizes his marriage by telling Mary how he feels. Murray is married to Marie and has a teenage daughter named Bonnie. Note: Another time, Murray fell in love with, and nearly had an affair with a woman named Judith Chadler.
Lou Grant Lou Grant like Murray Slaughter has worked closely with Mary in the newsroom. and they have developed a close bond of friendship. Mary was there for Lou during his divorce from his wife, Edie and Lou, likewise, has supported Mary though her many ups & downs like the time Mary became addicted to sleeping pills during a bout with insomnia. Once, Mary and Lou thought to test the waters to see if they actually had a romantic relationship, but before taking the plunge they quickly realized they were just great friends and would always be. Note: Lou once gave dating a shot with Mary's friend Rhoda. Also, Ted, Murray and Lou once all daydreamed about what life would be like if they were married to Mary.

Lou: Mary, I don't want you to take this wrong, but you're a jerk.
Mary: How could I possibly take that wrong?

Tom Vernon Mary's former boyfriend (who once broke her heart) visits Minneapolis and calls Mary. Part of her wants to see him; the other part wishes that he would just go way.
Warren Sturges Rhoda introduces Mary to a very irritating Warren Sturges, who tries everything including a giant billboard across the road from the WJM-TV offices to get her to accept his marriage proposal.
Wes Stern Mary is forced to hold off the amorous advances of Lou's Nephew, Wes Stern, a young  cameraman at the studio, who tells everyone a different story about what happened when she invited him home for supper. Wes also tried to put the moves on Mary's friend Phyllis Lindstrom when his attempt with Mary failed.
Barry Munroe Mary hires a lawyer when she gets cited for not revealing the source of a news story. During the proceedings, Barry gets the hots for Mary.

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