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(I Spy)
c/o Department of Defense
The Pentagon ("The Department")
Washington, DC

Kelly is a US government spy working for the Pentagon. He uses the cover of a world-class tennis champion to travel on assignments around the globe. A Korean War veteran, Kelly was born in Ohio and raised by a single mother. He is a drinker, a smoker, a womanizer and a former Princeton law student who played on two Davis Cup teams. Alexander Scott, Kelly's Afro-American espionage partner poses as his trainer.

Robert Culp as Kelly Robinson on I SPY

In between battling industrial spies and Cold War agents, Kelly always finds the time to joke around. On one occasion, he mocked his partner saying “My friend has a trick brain. Sometimes when he tries to use it, it falls out on the floor.” Other Kelly witticisms include “I’ll have a shower and a shave, and once again I will be your alert, clean-cut, clear-eyed, government-issue Captain Marvel“; “It’s always darkest just before it goes pitch black”; "And then Goldilocks said to the big, bad wolf, ' I saw what you did to those pigs, man!' "; and "If the President calls, tell him you don't speak English...and we defected."

When sent on assignment Kelly and Scotty were never sure where they would be. One day, it could be Hong Kong or Mexico and the next, Marrakesh or Rome. But where ever they were, intrigue was sure to follow.

Sometimes, their assignments were just simple baby sitting jobs like protecting an obnoxious American mobster; playing bodyguard to an impulsive and spoiled young Arab prince who's anxious to experience life in Las Vegas or escorting a $2 million DaVinci original to Florence, with every thief in Europe on their trail.

Kelly Robinson & Alexander Scott
Kelly and Alexander Scott ("Scotty")

Sometimes, the safety of the free world was threatened and Kelly searched for a missing airplane with a hydrogen bomb aboard; retrieved stolen defense plans; secured a sample of a new, deadlier form of bubonic plague being tested by the Chinese in Japan; rescued the kidnapped daughter of a medical missionary being held hostage in Southeast Asia; and helped a prominent Soviet political philosopher defect to the U.S. during a Tokyo lecture engagement.

Sometimes, the assignments turned personal like the time Kelly received orders to kill an old friend suspected of being a double agent; or when he becomes emotionally involved with a lovely Russian agent who wants to defect while he and Scotty are debriefing her. Kelly also falls for a Chinese girl who is supposed to be the Empress of China but who is actually a tool of the Red Chinese.

And sometimes, the assignment took Kelly home to hide out at the isolated farm of his Aunt Alta and Uncle Harry while on the run from criminal businessmen.

And, just when Kelly thinks he's finally earned some rest and relaxation, he finds himself accused of the murder of a lady friend; brainwashed with hypnosis and drugs to believe that Scotty is a traitor and must be killed; the target of the vindictive Turazzi clan, an Italian family who blames Kelly for the death of their son, Remo when both men served in Korea (Remo's twin brother, Romolo was the real murderer); and confronted with a man while on vacation in Spain who once tortured him to reveal a metallurgical formula.

Despite the rigors of the spy game, Kelly remained a dedicated government man. In 1994, after 25 years of faithful service Kelly, now a senior intelligence official, headed the field Ops division of the Special Services Agency (SSA) that trained new spies. One of his new recruits was Nicole Scott, the daughter of his former partner, Alexander "Scotty" Scott. After personally overseeing Nicole's training (she surpassed her father's marks), Kelly teamed her with own son, Bennett and both travel to Vienna to ensure the safety of a Russian scientist planning to relocate to the United States. Of course, when a deadly British mercenary named Cesar Baroodi arrives on the scene, the aging salt and pepper duo of Kelly and Scotty fly to Europe to protect (meddle with) their kids assignment. Of course, the boys become Baroodi's buck-naked captives and the kids save the day.

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