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Paul Gross as Constable Fraser Benton - DUE SOUTHConstable Benton's Hat - The Stetson hat issued to Royal Canadian Mountie Constable Benton Fraser (Paul Gross) on the drama DUE SOUTH/CBS/SYN/1994-99 seems to hold a magical life-saving quality. Whenever Benton didn't wear it, something bad happened to him; and when he did, it saved his life as in episode "Free Willie" when he was shot in the hat but wasn't harmed.

On the episode "Victoria's Secret," Benton left the hat on his partner's green Buick Riviera, and his dog, Diefenbaker got shot. In episodes "Manhunt" and "The Deal" his hat flies off his head and he respectively, gets stabbed in the leg and beaten up. And in "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" when Fraser and Ray Vecchio (David Marciano) are trapped in a meat locker, Fraser gives Ray his hat, as if knowing the hat will act as a talisman to protect Ray from the cold. They both survived the ordeal. A magical hat? Watch the show and you decide.

TRIVIA NOTE: When the series DUE SOUTH ended, the hat and uniform worn by Constable Benton Fraser was donated and placed on exhibit at Planet Hollywood in Toronto. See also - "The Stetson Hat"  and DOGS: Diefenbaker

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