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Tom Selleck as Thomas MagnumMagnum's Baseball Cap - Tom Selleck played private eye Thomas Magnum on the Hawaiian-based detective drama MAGNUM, P.I/CBS/1980-88.

During the run of the series, Thomas and his pal, "TC", the helicopter pilot often wore baseball caps.

Thomas was extremely fond of two in particular: a Detroit Tigers cap (which he first wore on episode “China Doll” 12/18/80); and a cap with the logo VM02 that he wore most often (first seen in episode "Tropical Madness" 11/12/81). This cap was a souvenir from his days with his VM02 naval intelligence unit in Da Nang during the Vietnam War. T.C also had a VMO2 cap from his days in Nam. Magnum's grandfather was a Detroit Tigers fan, and so Thomas became one, too.

On episode "Adelaide" 03/19/81) Thomas wore a red and white "Al's Collision and Muffler Shop" cap for the first time and on later episodes.

On episode "Try to Remember" 01/28/82 Thomas has a car accident and wakes up in intensive car with amnesia. Soon after, the police find his Detroit Tigers cap near a murdered body.

On episode "Squeeze Play" (11/17/83) Thomas wears a Detroit Tigers cap with an orange "D" on the cap. Normally, Magnum wore a cap with a white "D" (White means "home" game; orange means an "away" game).

On episode 153 "Tigers Fan" Lt Yoshi Tanaka (Kwan Hi Lim) is murdered. At the end of the episode, Tanaka's son, Biff presents Thomas with his father's Detroit Tigers cap as a keepsake. Tanaka, like Magnum was a big Tigers fan. Magnum had given Lt. Tanaka a Tigers baseball cap the first time they met on episode "Try to Remember."

Cap sold for ($1,617) at auction.

TRIVIA NOTE: Actor Tom Selleck hails from Detroit so the Detroit Tigers hat was an homage to his hometown team. Thomas Magnum was also seen wearing a baseball cap from the University of Southern California, where Selleck played junior varsity baseball in college.

In 2003, Planet Hollywood sold part of its memorabilia collection from TV shows from the 1940s to the 1990s. On sale was Tom Selleck's Hawaiian shirt ($1,346) and a blue baseball cap with a handwritten "T.S." sewn into the lining ($1,617) from Magnum, P.I..

When Tom Selleck starred in the baseball comedy Mr. Baseball (1992) he wore a blue baseball cap with the letter "D" in his role as Jack Eliott, a fading baseball player who gets traded to a Japanese league called the "Chiunichi Dragons."

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