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Yvonne De Carlo as Lily MunsterLily Munster Fashions - On the sitcom THE MUNSTERS/CBS/1964-66 actress Yvonne DeCarlo played Lily Munster, the vampire wife of gravedigger Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne). Lily's clothing styles included a dress made from black widow spider web; an under slip of pure unborn centipede; and a cape made of lovely green colored pestis coffin lining. Lily topped off her fashion look with black fingernails and Chanel No. 13 perfume ("the most exotic").

On episode No. 33 "Lily Munster, Girl Model" (05/06/1965) Lily, feeling no longer useful at home, gets hired as a fashion model by Laslo Braznoff, a temperamental dress designer who finds Lily the perfect model for his line of unconventional women's clothes.

Unfortunately, Lily's husband, Herman is jealous of Lily's new job and has Grandpa Munster create a potion that turns Herman into a swinging playboy and Grandpa into his beautiful blond girlfriend so they can get Lily to quit her job and come home. 

Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster
The ever-stylish Lily Munster

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