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ARDVARC the ComputerARDVARC - Computer used on the spy spoof GET SMART/NBC/CBS/1965-70. The ARDVARC was the master computer at the secret espionage organization known as CONTROL - located at 123 Main St. Washington, D.C. ARDVARC stands for Automated Reciprocal Data Verifier And Reaction Computer. Its best friend is a CONTROL cigarette machine.

On episode NO. 50 "The Girls from KAOS" the CONTROL computer scans its databases for a particular Asian KAOS enemy agent but eventually concludes it can't find the agent because "they all look alike."

On episode No. 109 "Leadside" ARDVARC blows up.

Other electronic gadgets in CONTROL's arsenal of high-tech equipment were Hymie, the robot (Dick Gautier), a free thinking, human look-alike robot originally designed by KAOS to destroy Agent 86, Maxwell Smart; and the Cone of Silence, a large transparent dome, dropped from the ceiling to cover agents who needed to transmit sensitive information.

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