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Effie - The E.F.I. 3000 multi-function computer (aka "Effie") was the main computer used by a top-secret organization known as UNIT on the espionage adventure A MAN CALLED SLOANE/NBC/1979-80.

Effie: And thank you, Effie. Maybe when this thing is all wrapped up we can, ah, have a little dinner.
DiGeorgio: Dinner? Mr. DiGeorgio
Director: I'm afraid not, Jimmy. Effie, why don't we tell Mr. DiGeorgio here, a little about your qualifications.
Effie: I am a E.F.I. Series 3000 multi-function computer, Mr. DiGeorgio. I occupy 27 square feet and weigh 6 and one-half tons. It would be difficult to join you for dinner. But thank you , Mr. DiGeorgio
DeGeorgio: It's a computer.
Director: The voice, of course, is Thomas Sloane's doing.
DiGeorgio: Ah, we don't have anything like that in Washington
Director: But then, of course, you don't have TR Sloane.
  -- from episode "Death Ray 2000"

Effie was programmed with a sexy, husky female voice (Michele Carey) and readily gave advice to secret agents Thomas Remington Sloane III (Robert Conrad), his partner Torgue (Ji-Tu Cumbuka) and the Director of UNIT (Dan O'Herlihy). E.F.I. has a romantic crush on Thomas Sloane.

Robert Conrad as Thomas Remington Sloane III
Thomas Remington Sloane III

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