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Probe Control TechnicianPROBE Control - Super-computerized detective agency on the adventure SEARCH/NBC/1972-73. Probe Control Director, V.C.R. Cameron (Burgess Meredith) directed the operations of Probe Control (a division of World Securities Corporation based in Washington, DC) whose mission was "to search and recover that which is missing." His top field agents included Hugh Lockwood (Hugh O'Brian), code name: Probe One; Nicholas Bianco (Tony Franciosa) code name: Omega Probe - he specialized in organized crime cases; and Christopher Robin ("CR") Grover (Doug McClure), a backup Probe operative.

V.C.R. Cameron

Agent Lockwood

Miss Love

V.C.R. Cameron,  Probe Control Director Hugh Lockwood,
Probe One
 Lead Operative
Miss Love,
PROBE Technician

Agent Nick Bianco

PROBE Necklace

Agent C.R. Grover

Nicholas Bianco,
Omega Probe

PROBE necklace with built in camera

C.R. Grover,
Standby Probe

Assisting Cameron (aka "Cam") in the secret PROBE headquarters were Control agents:

  • Gloria Harding (Angel Tompkins), a telemetry specialist;
  • Miss Ginny Keach (Ginny Golden), data specialist;
  • Murdock (Amy Farrell), Medical Doctor;
  • Albert Griffin (Albert Popwell), linguist and code breaker;
  • Kuroda (Byron Chung),
  • Harris (Tom Hallick),
  • Carlos (Ron Castro),
  • Ramos (Tony De Costa),
  • Carlos Lobos (A. Martinez),
  • Arthur Burrell (David Gilliam),
  • Miss Love (Cheryl Stopplemoor - later known as Cheryl Ladd),
  • June Wilson (Mary Cross),
  • Miss Lewis (Anitra Ford),
  • Paulette Breen (Miss Lund),
  • Grant (Fred Holliday),
  • Miss James (Pamela Jones).
"Probe Control to Probe One. Report your position.
Do you copy?"
  World Securities Executive  

World Securities Senior Director, Dr. Barnett gives Probe Control its missions via TV Monitor


Each field agent was equipped with a variety of surveillance and telemetry devices that were surgically implanted or positioned on each agents body to monitor such vital signs as blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, body temperature, respiration, EKG and brain wave activity. A miniaturized scanner (a TV camera) transmitted all that each agents saw and heard during their assignment no matter where they are in the world (as long as agents were not in closed quarters like underground caves). And, by manipulating a dental implant in the mouth, agents alerted their headquarters via "beeps" created by pressing upper and lower teeth together.

Probe TV Title Logo


PROBE Computer

PROBE Control Room Computer Panel

TRIVIA NOTE: The acronym PROBE stands for "Programmed Retrieval Operations." The last two letter B & E were never explained - supposedly due to their top secret nature.

Probe Division is a subsidiary of World Securities Corporation a firm that protects and insures banks, national treasures, art collections, etc. Probe conducts investigations on their behalf.

Description of Probe Control room in the two-hour pilot:


The control center is like the cockpit of a giant airship,
dark and glowing with telemetry instruments. In the
b.g., two other Probe Units are working on other
cases. Banks of computers flicker like fireflies. In the
f.g., Unit One is Cameron's elite team of computer
telemetry specialists gathered at consoles before the
large, raised, T.V. screen. Dr., Laurent is beside
Cameron's console. The scene is like a darkened segment
of NASA; intent, glow-lit faces intent upon consoles and
telemetry panels. Cameron now wears a lab jacket as do
the members of the Probe team.

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