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Personal "PC" Computers

RALF - Talking home computer seen on the detective adventure WHIZ KIDS/CBS/1983-84.

Richie's computer - Opening Credits - WHIZ KIDS

Ralf was owned by Richie Adler (Matthew Laborteaux), a computer hacker genius who attended Canyon High School with his buddies Hamilton "Ham" Parker (Todd Porter), Jeremy Saldino (Jeffrey Jacquet) and Alice Tyler (Andrea Elson).

Richie's bedroom and electronic gadgets - WHIZ KIDS
Richie's room and electronic gadgets

An amateur detective, Richie often used RALF to track down information by creatively accessing a variety of private and government computer data banks.

Voice pattern of RALF the computer - WHIZ KIDS
Voice pattern of RALF greeting Richie

Richie also used the help of Lew Farley, (Max Gail), a reporter from the Los Angeles Gazette and Farley's brother-in-law, Lt. Neal Quinn (A. Martinez) who ran the police department's Mobile Data Terminals.

RALF and the cast of WHIZ KIDS

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