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VR.5 - High technology computer program application showcased on the sci-fi series VR.5/FOX/1995. Lori Singer starred as Sydney Bloom, a young telephone company repair technician who discovers she has the ability to enter into the human mind by using VR-Virtual Reality 5.

Sitting at the keyboard of her homemade computer, she dials up another person. When they answer, she quickly "mind jumps" into their psyche and experiences their memories and the potential dangers that lurk within their minds.

Sydney Bloom in Action
Sydney with VR goggles and sensor gloves

A mysterious organization called the Committee covets Sidney's special abilities and coerced her to perform VR interventions on a select clientele.

Sydney later discovered that her scientist father Dr. Joseph Bloom (David McCallum) and sister, Samantha (Tracey Neeham) - long thought drowned - were alive and somehow figured into her seemingly supernatural talents.

Excerpt from the TV script that explains Virtual Reality: 

Sydney: I want to know how virtual reality works?
Dr. Morgan: Are we communicating right now?
Sydney: I guess.
Dr. Morgan: But you can't see me and I can't see you,
is that right?
Sydney: Yeah.
Dr. Morgan: We're both having an experience that requires each of our minds to fill in the blanks. Is that right?
Sydney: Yeah.
Dr. Morgan: Well, that's it. You just had a virtual experience. 

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