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Art Ginsburg as Mr. FoodMr. Food - Professional nickname of TV cook Art Ginsburg, who appeared as Mr. Food since 1982 in a series of short food inserts seen in more than 179 television markets and 400 cities nationwide. Sporting a salt-and-pepper beard, white bib apron and chef's hat and speaking with a raspy voice, Mr. Food shared recipes that saved time, money and that said "No! to mess and fuss and "Yes!" to flavor and simplicity." Some of his very best recipes call for canned soup, instant pudding, bottled sauces, cake mixes or refrigerated doughs. Mr. Food's philosophy states:

"Today's lifestyles demand quick, easy, readily-available foods…but you can still be adventurous with them - a novel touch with a garnish, a new spice added (or a regular one used differently), even a distinctive serving piece - easy ways to turn a simple meal into a treat. And the new convenience foods? Great! Use them and have fun with them. Basically I'm saying that 'simple', 'tasty', and 'time-saving' don't have to mean 'expensive' - just a little extra here and there can make you a kitchen hero!"

Trained as a butcher and a caterer, Mr. Food has authored such cookbooks as "
  • Mr. Food Cool Cravings: Easy Chilled Desserts
  • Mr. Food Easy Tex-Mex: Mr. Food Shares More Than 150 Fun, Festive Tex-Mex Recipes
  • Mr. Food One Pan, One Meal
  • Mr. Food's Meals in Minutes
  • Mr. Food Cooks Pasta
  • Mr. Food Cooks Chicken
  • Mr. Food's Easy Cooking: Back to Basics
  • Mr. Food Makes Dessert"
  • Mr. Food's Quick & Easy Diabetic Cooking
  • The Best of Mr. Food

Mr. Food ends each of his 90-second food spots with the catchphrase "Ooh!, It's so Good!!"

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