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Destiniki - Myposian God of Decision mentioned on the sitcom PERFECT STRANGERS/ABC/1986-92. When Balki Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot), an immigrant from the Mediterranean Isle of Mypos now living in Chicago needed to make a major decision, he invoked the wisdom of Destiniki, the God of Decision.

On Mypos, persons in search of an answer climbed to the top of the nearest mountain where they waited for Destiniki to reach out of the clouds, tap them on the right shoulder, spin them around three times and then whisper an answer into their left ear. After given an answer, the person fell to their knees and raised their arms to Heaven in thanks.

Once when Balki needed to consult Destiniki he climbed onto a skyscraper billboard atop the MacIntosh Building in lieu of traveling to Mt. Woolerock, some 12 miles away. Destiniki daughter's was a guitar playing goddess named Dominiki. Another deity mentioned on this episode was Desenexos, the healer of foot fungus.

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