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Koozebanians - Strange creatures from the planet Koozebane seen on the puppet show THE MUPPET SHOW/SYN/1976-81. The planet was home to many species, including Phoobs - blue, tasty creatures with bushy eyes and two fangs with a chameleon-like ability to blend into the landscape (so they won't be eaten); Spoobles - a living red fluid that lives in a jar; Merdlidops - pink furry crater-dwelling creatures, Fazoobs - a musical group of pink and purple aliens; and George and Martha - alien rock creatures.

When Koozbanians mate, they practice the "Galley-o-hoop-hoop" mating ritual which produces "Wonk, Wonk" sounds and a dance that motivates the mating creatures to run straight into one another like two oncoming locomotives. The ensuing collision creates a litter of new babies. 


The Koozebanian characters were first seen in the 1974 ABC "The Muppets Valentine Show" and on episodes 107, 205, 208, 211, 223, 319 and 415, as well as the later series MUPPET BABIES, LITTLE MUPPET MONSTERS and CITY KIDS.

TRIVIA NOTE Palisades Toys merchandised a Koozebane Kermit  Action Figure that included a Reporter Kermit, and a male, female, and baby Koozebanian.  

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