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Sehlat - A giant bear-like creature seen on the episode "Yesteryear" on the Saturday morning animated sci-fi series STAR TREK/NBC/1973-75.

Young Spock with his Sehlat

When science officer Mr. Spock was a youth on his home planet of Vulcan, he owned a Sehlat, which he called "I-Chaya."

His huge furry pet resembled a large teddy bear with 6-inch fangs andit was an excellent companion. Once when a vicious tiger-like creature called a LeMatya attacked Spock, I-Chaya jumped into save his seven-year old master's life.

Unfortunately, the poison from the creature left I-Chaya mortally wounded and Spock, making the logical decision, put his pet out of his misery.

We first learn about Spock's childhood pet when his human mother Amanda (Jane Wyatt) visited the starship USS Enterprise with her Vulcan husband Sarek (Mark Lenard) on episode No. 44 "Journey to Babel" on the original STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69.

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