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Ron Perlman as VincentVincent - Man-Beast featured on the cult fantasy adventure BEAUTY AND THE BEAST/CBS/1987-90. Vincent (Ron Perlman) lived in the labyrinths and sewer systems beneath the metropolis of New York City. He was named Vincent because as a baby he was found abandoned in front of St. Vincent's Hospital. As he grew under the guidance of his mentor and adopted father, Dr. Jacob Wells (Roy Dotrice), a research scientist formerly from the Chitterdon Research Institute - who himself had taken refuge in the world below - Vincent realized he was different.

Due to genetic quirks, Vincent resembled a lion, possessing great strength and speed. His face and hands were furry, his teeth were like fangs and when he became angered he let loose a terrifying roar. But beneath his animal exterior, there was a sensitive human whose empathetic powers enabled him to feel the emotions of others.

This gift came to blossom when he met Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton) an attorney from the world above who was mistaken for another woman and viciously molested and scared by thugs who tossed her out of a van and left her for dead. Vincent found her, brought her to his home beneath the city and began to tend to her wounds both physically and spiritually.

With her face covered with bandages, Catherine could only hear and feel the tenderness that Vincent possessed. When she recovered, she left her subterranean world to return to her home and life above. But because of their special bond, Vincent and Catherine were never again really apart; they were linked in a way that only the poets can describe.

Catherine's scars were minimized through plastic surgery, but she still wore a slash mark on her right chin. Despite her attempts at self sufficiency, sometimes the dangers were too immense to overcome and that was when Vincent, feeling her distress, would rush to her rescue.

Catherine and Vincent
C & V

But there came a time when Vincent didn't arrive in time to save his Catherine. Pregnant with child, Catherine was kidnapped by a sinister criminal Tycoon named Gabriel (Stephen McHattie). When the child was born, Gabriel took the newborn and then ordered Catherine killed with an overdose of drugs. Enraged, Vincent vowed revenge and hunted relentlessly for Gabriel.

With the assistance of a beautiful redhead named Diana Bennett (Jo Anderson) who investigated Catherine's death, Gabriel was finally tracked down.

In the final confrontation, face-to-face with the evil bastard who had ordered Catherine killed and Vincent's son kidnapped, Diane shot Gabriel dead with Catherine's own gun. Finally, presented with his new son, Vincent named his child, Jacob.

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