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Bewitched Spells - On the fantasy sitcom BEWITCHED/ABC/1964-72, the beautiful blonde witch, Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery), and a number of her relatives cast a variety of spells that changed people into an assortment of animals and objects.

On episode No. 147 "Samantha's French Pastry" (11-14-68) Samantha explains how Napoleon (played by Henry Gibson) arrived at the Stephens' house "It's sorta technical...When a witch, or a warlock casts a spell involving an object...the name of which may also be used to identify a human being, the kinetic vibrations run the risk of zonking across the atmospheric continuum, and the ectoplasmic manifestations that might not ordinarily occur."

On Episode No. 139 "Man of the Year" (5-2-68) Samantha cast the spell "Edgeful, eyeful, trifle, tree; this removes the spell 'round thee."

On episode No. 224 "Out of the Mouths of Babes" (3-25-71) Samantha summons her mother, Endora the witch with "Boil and bubble, toil and trouble, Mother, get here on the double." Sam's husband, Darrin was the target of many of the spells cast by Endora. He was turned into a chimp, a mule, a werewolf, a goose, a pony, a parrot, a goat, a gorilla, a toad, a statue, a crow, a dog, an invisible man, and a little boy.

On episode No. 41 "The Joker Is a Card" (10-14-65), warlock Uncle Arthur convinced Darrin he could protect himself from the wrath of Endora by saying "Yagazuzi, yagazuzi, yagazuzi, zim [sound of cowbell, and a duck call]; Zoomazoozi, zoomazoozi, zoomazoozi, bim [cowbell, duck call repeated]; Zuzzi, hi! Zuma Huga Pits." The incantation proved to be bogus.

On episode No. 175 "And Something Makes Four" (10-16-69) Warlock grandfather Maurice cast a love spell after Samantha and Darrin have a baby boy that went "Special baby, full of tiny and so new; whatever mortal sees your face...will fall in love with you." The incantation caused mayhem in the hospital delivery area.

When the baby was chosen to represent the label for Berkley Baby Foods, the spell was removed on recommendation of the Witch's Council who disapproved of the publicity the spell would bring the newborn warlock child.

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