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The Fregosi Curse - Transylvanian curse featured on episode No. 59 "The Fregosi Emerald" of the sitcom THE MUNSTERS/CBS/1964-66.

To prove that an emerald ring once cursed by the Fregosi family was not really cursed, Herman Munster places the ring on his finger. Soon after, however, everything Herman touches explodes or melts.

According to The Encyclopedia of Voodoo, the only one able to  neutralize the curse was a member of the Fregosi family. And the only surviving member was Henry J. Fregosi (Paul Reed), the Chairman of the Board of Amalgamated Motors in Detroit. So, the Munster clan travel to Michigan and meet with Mr. Fregosi who turns out to be a closet Warlock, He practices voodoo and has a occult laboratory hidden behind the wall of his executive desk.

His favorite pastime was placing curses on rival automobile manufactures. Henry claimed credit for placing poor mileage "whammies" on competitor's gas gauges, and the failure of the Ford "Edsel."

To create a cure for curse, Henry mixes a witches brew  of toadstool, the tails of three blind mice, powdered aardvark tongue and a dash of Mr. Clean. He then recited a brief incantation and the ring fell off Herman's finger, thus removing the curse.

The Munster family later found another jewel, the Nathanson ruby. Comparatively, the Fregosi emerald was a good luck charm.

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