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Birth Dates - January  (Birth Stone - Aquamarine)
Date Person Program

January 1981

Bradley Michael Taylor Home Improvement
January 1 Maya Gallo  Just Shoot Me

January 2, 2009

Jeff Tracy Thunderbirds

January 4

Theodora “Teddy” Reed   Sisters  
January 4, 2038 Captain Troy Tempest Stingray
January 5, 1946 Thomas Sullivan Magnum Magnum, p.i.

January 13, 1966

Tabitha Stephens  Bewitched  

January 15, 1976

Dana Foster-Lambert Step By Step
January 19, 1953 Little Ricky Ricardo  I Love Lucy  
January 22  Budrick "Bud" Bundy Married...With Children
January 23, 1951 Ricardo Cooper (Tubbs) Miami Vice

January 25, 1965

Tess Arnold  Working It Out  
January 27, 1949 Angel (Peter Spellman) Nash Bridges

January 28

Ernie  the Muppet Sesame Street  
January 28, 1974 Edward James Arthur Winslow Family Matters


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