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Cause of Death Person Program
Killed by Demon (WOOS) Prudence Halliwell, Witch
(Read Newspaper obituary from Episode 4.01 below)

Prudence Halliwell
Beloved Sister

Funeral Service will be held today at Memorial Cemetery,

Prue Halliwell, born October 28, 1970 in San Francisco, died Thursday. She is preceded in death by her mother Patricia, and her grandmother Penelope Halliwell. And survived by her two younger sisters, Piper and Phoebe
Halliwell and her father Victor Bennett.

Prue graduated with honors from (Gold State University)...
After working as an antique appraiser. (Buckland Auc)tion House, her love...

Killed by Demon Andy Trudeau, Detective Charmed
Killed by Billie (in self defense) Christy Jenkins, Billie's sister Charmed
Killed By Zamboni Ice Machine Eddie Lebec, Ice Skater Cheers
Unknown Causes Coach Ernie Pantusso  Cheers
Dies of fatal disease, brain metastases Dr. Karen Antonovich Chicago Hope
Dies while having sex with Angela in an MRI machine. Austin Hackett, Chief of Staff Chicago Hope
Dies Dr. Watters' son Chicago Hope
Killed by Artillery in Vietnam Cherry "Doughnut Dolly"  China Beach
Typhoid Fever Fairlight Spencer Christy
Killed by Hired Hitman Attorney Maureen Scofield Close to Home
Died in Nepal  Constance Colby  The Colby's
Food Poisoning (Eboli)  Dr. Elaine Duchamps Crossing Jordan
Plane Crash Dr. Devan McGuire Crossing Jordan
Shot Twice in his Car by Undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen Det. Warrick Brown C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation
Shot & Killed during Robbery
(Gun Misfired)
Det. Timothy "Speed" Speedle C.S.I.: Miami
Committed Suicide Det. John Hagen C.S.I.: Miami

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