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 Death - TV Characters

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Cause of Death Person Program
Hit-and-Run Car Accident 
(he only died in a dream)
Bobby Ewing Dallas
Drowned in swimming pool  Kristen Shepard Dallas 
Allergic to MSG in Food  Nate   Days & Nights of Molly Dodd 
Sudden Heart Attack Reese Watson, Julia's Beau Designing Women
Gun Shot (Suicide) Mary Alice Young (She accidentally killed Diedre, the drug-addicted woman who sold her baby to feed her habit. Diedre tracks down the Young's and wants her baby back.  In the struggle to get her baby back, Mary Alice accidentally stabs  Diedre. Frantic, Mary and her husband put the body in a toy chest and bury it under their new pool. Years later, a remorseful Mary Alice commits suicide over the incident. Desperate Housewives
Murdered Mrs. Huber, the nosey neighbor. Earlier, she blackmailed her neighbor, Susan when she suspects her of burning down her neighbor's house. Desperate Housewives
Hit and Run Driver Juanita Solis, Carlos' mother. (She gets hit by a car driven by a local teenager (Andrew Young) who flees the scene. She goes into a coma, wakes but later dies. Desperate Housewives
Sudden Heart Attack Rex, Bree's husband Desperate Housewives
Beaten/Thrown off Bridge by Bree's Jealous Suitor (George Williams) Dr. Albert Goldfine, Bree's Therapist (who doesn't favor Bree's relationship with George) Desperate Housewives
Miscarriage? (An intruder - Caleb - causes Gabrielle to run in terror and tumble down staircase) Gabrielle Solis' Unborn Child Desperate Housewives
Shot by police sniper through window. Betty's son, Matthew (He brandished a gun when others learned it was "he" and not his brother, Caleb who killed a girl in Chicago) Desperate Housewives
Diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer Karen dies at home while listening to "Wonderful, Wonderful" by Johnny Mathis. As she passes, she reunites with her son and others from Wisterila Lane who have died. Desperate Housewives
Bled to death in bathtub (Killed by Trinity, a serial killer) Rita, female friend of Dexter, a serial killer whose M.O. is to target other serial killers Dexter
Car Bombing Victim Danny McGregor, Policeman The District
Cancer Ella Farmer, Statistics Analyzer The District
Regeneration  Dr. Who (No.1)  Dr. Who
Regeneration (Forced)  Dr. Who (No.2)  Dr. Who
Regeneration Dr. Who (No.3)   Dr. Who
(Fall from Tower)
Dr. Who (No.4) Dr. Who
(Spectrox Poison)
Dr. Who (No.5)   Dr. Who
(Injured in TARDIS)
Dr. Who (No.6)  Dr. Who
(3 Bullet Shots)
Dr. Who (No. 7)  Dr. Who
Car Bomb Det. Louis Gardino Due South
Suicide Joseph the Butler Dynasty

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