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 Death - TV Characters

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Cause of Death Person Program
Shot in Chest by Drug Addict Paramedic Bobby Caffey Third Watch
Killed by Mobster (4 bullets) Tatiana, Sully's Wife  Third Watch
Killed by John "Sully' Sullivan Mobster Who killed Tatiana Third Watch
Shot/Killed Aaron Noble, Famous Writer Third Watch
Burn Victim Mercy Killing Police Officer Third Watch
Tractor-Trailer Auto Accident Professor Gary Shepherd  Thirtysomething
Died from 456 virus Ianto Jones, Alien Hunter Torchwood
Killed in Action in Vietnam Captain Rusty Wallace  Tour of Duty
Killed in Action in Vietnam  Pvt. "Doc" Randy Matsuda Tour of Duty
Killed by Jack Bauer Ira Gaines, Terrorist 24
Killed by mole Nina Myers Jamey Farrell, CTU Agent 24
Killed by mole Nina Myers Teri Bauer   24
Killed by Jack Bauer Nina Meyers 24
Killed in Bomb Explosion Paula Schaeffer  24
Exposed to Deadly Dose of Radiation - flew plane with terrorist's nuclear bomb into desert & died in explosion George Mason   24
Murdered Alan Milliken 24
Killed by Julia Milliken (who then killed herself) Sherry Palmer 24
Shot by Assassin President David Palmer 24
Killed by Car Bomb CTU Agent Michelle Dessler 24
Killed by Jack Bauer President's Assassin 24
Killed by Terrorist James Nathanson 24
Killed by Terrorist Lynn's sister and her boyfriend 24
Nerve Gas Edgar Stiles (among many other CTU staff members) 24
Needle Injection in Chest
(overdose of hyoscine-pentothal)
CTU Agent Tony Almeida 24
Nerve Gas Lynn McGill 24
Nerve Gas Set off by Terrorists Crew of Russian submarine docked in an American port 24
Neck Snapped by Jack Bauer Terrorist Vladimir Bierko 24
Shot by First Lady Secret Service Agent 24
Shot Three Times by Jack Bauer Christopher Henderson, Jack's CTU Mentor 24
Killed by Jack's Father Jack Bauer's brother 24
Leland Palmer & Killer BOB  Laura Palmer Twin Peaks
Leland Palmer & Killer BOB  Madeleine Ferguson   Twin Peaks
Hank Jennings   Mr. Packard  Twin Peaks

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