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 Death - TV Characters

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Cause of Death Person Program
Murdered by The Syndicate Deep Throat X-Files
Murdered by The Syndicate  Mr. X  X.Files
Murdered by The Syndicate Melissa Scully  X-Files
Murdered by The Syndicate  Bill Mulder X-Files
Murdered by The Syndicate  The Well-Manicured Man X-Files: The Movie
Killed by Toxic Virus (4-21-2002) The Lone Gunmen
(Byers, Frohike, & Langly)
Burned To Death by Aliens  The Syndicate  X-Files
Killed by Walter Skinner (FBI) (3 bullets-one in each leg; one in the head. Alex Krycek (Rogue Agent) X-Files
Shot by C.G.B. Spender
Thought dead but surfaced at Mulders' murder trial on series finale
Jeffrey Spender (His Son) X-Files
Killed by an exposure to Magnatite Super Soldier X-Files
Killed by helicopter missile fire - First thought dead from a fall down a flight of stairs - pushed by Alex Krycek C.G.B. Spender "Cancer Man" X-Files

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