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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Gabor, Eva 07/04/1995 Green Acres  Respiratory Infections
Garner, James 07/19/2014 Maverick and The Rockford Files Natural Causes
Garrett, Betty 02/12/2011 Laverne & Shirley (Edna Babish), All in the Family (Irene Lorenzo) Aortic Aneurysm
Garrison, Greg 03/25/2005 Dean Martin Show (Director) Pneumonia
Garroway, Dave 07/21/1982  The Today Show  Suicide /
Shotgun to Head
Gazzara, Ben 02/03/2012 Run for Your Life Pancreatic Cancer
George, Christopher 11/28/1983  The Rat Patrol   Heart Attack
Getty, Estelle 07/22/2008 The Golden Girls (played Sophia) Natural Causes (Suffered from advanced dementia)
Getz, Ileen 08/04/2005 3rd Rock from the Sun
(played Judith Draper)
Ghostley, Alice 09/21/2007 Bewitched and
Designing Women
Colon Cancer and a Series of Strokes
Gilden, Michael 12/05/2006 NCIS, Charmed, CSI and Family Law Suicide by Hanging
Gilford, Jack 06/02/1990  Cracker Jacks Ads Stomach Cancer
Gleason, Jackie 06/24/1987 The Honeymooners Colon & Liver Cancer
Gleason, Paul 05/27/2006 Movie and TV Character Actor - played principal on "The Breakfast Club" Mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer related to asbestos
Gobel, George 02/24/1991  The George Gobel Show Surgery Complications
Goddard, Trevor 06/07/2003 JAG Drug Overdose
Goldsmith, Jerry  07/21/2004 TV/Film Composer Cancer
Gorshin, Frank 05/17/2005 Batman (as the Riddler) Lung cancer, Emphysema and Pneumonia
Gould, Harold 09/11/2010 Played Rhoda's father Martin Morgenstern on Rhoda and Mary Tyler Moore Show and Miles Webber on The Golden Girls Prostate Cancer
Goulet, Robert

10/30/2007 Popular Singer
(Emerald Nuts TV Commercials - where Robert Goulet messes with your stuff
Pulmonary Fibrosis (died awaiting lung transplant)
Grady, Don 06/27/2012 My Three Sons, The Mickey Mouse Club Cancer
Graham, Virginia 12/22/1998  Food For Thought &
Girl Talk
Heart Attack
Grant, Kirby 10/30/1985   Sky King    Drowned in Car Crash
Graves, Peter 03/14/2010 Mission Impossible, Fury Heart Attack
Greene, Lorne 09/11/1987   Bonanza (Ben Cartwright) Respiratory/Cardiac Arrest
Griffin, Merv 08/13/2007 The Merv Griffin Show Prostate Cancer
Griffith, Andy 07/03/2012 The Andy Griffith Show Cardiac Ailment
Gwynne, Fred 07/02/1993   The Munsters   Pancreatic Cancer

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