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 Death - TV Actors

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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Radner, Gilda 05/20/1989   Saturday Night Live Ovarian Cancer
Randall, Tony 05/17/2004 Odd Couple Pneumonia after Heart bypass surgery
Randolph, John 02/24/2004 Roseanne (played Roseanne's father) Natural Causes
Ravenscroft, Thurl 05/22/2005 Kellogg's Cereal Ads (Voice of Tony the Tiger) and The Grinch That Stole Christmas (Sang the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" Prostate Cancer
Rainey, Ford 07/25/2005 Character Actor
King of Queens (played Mickey) and Bionic Woman
(played Jim Elgin)
Complications from a series of strokes
Rawls, Lou 01/06/2006 Pop/Soul Singer Lung/Brain Cancer
Ray, Gene Anthony 11/14/2003 Fame Stroke/AIDS
Rayburn, Gene 11/29/1999  The Match Game Heart Failure
Rea, Peggy 02/05/2011 The Dukes of Hazzard (Lulu Hogg); The Waltons (Rose Burton); Step By Step (Ivy Baker); Grace Under Fire (Jean Kelly); All in the Family (Cousin Bertha) Congestive Heart Failure
Reagan, Ronald 06/05/2004 Death Valley Days
(& President of the USA)
Pneumonia &
Alzheimer's Disease
Reed, Alan 06/14/1977 The Flintstones (Voice of Fred Flintstone) Following Long Illness
Reed, Donna 01/14/1986 The Donna Reed Show  Cancer
Reed, Robert 05/12/1992  The Brady Bunch (Dad)  AIDS
Reeves, George 06/16/1959  Adventures of Superman Suicide (?)
.30 Luger to Head
Reid, Frances 02/03/2010 Days of Our Lives Reill
Reilly, Charles Nelson 05/25/2007 Ghost & Mrs. Muir, Match Game, Uncle Croc's Block, Spacecats, The X-Files (Jose Chung) Pneumonia
Reilly, Hugh 07/17/1998  Lassie (Timmy's Dad) Emphysema
Resin, Dan 07/31/2010 Ty-D-bol Man in TV Ads Parkinson's Disease
Rettig, Tommy 02/15/1996 Lassie
(His First TV Master)
Heart Attack
Ritter, John 09/11/2003 Three's Company &
 8 Simple Rules
Heart Flaw
Roberts. Pernell 01/24/2010 Bonanza, Trapper John, MD Cancer
Robertson, Cliff 09/10/2011 Veteran Star of Film & TV Natural Causes
Rocket, Charles 10/07/2005 Saturday Night Live Suicide (cut throat)
Roddenberry, Gene 10/24/1991  Creator of Star Trek   Blood Clot
Roddy, Ron 10/27/2003 Price is Right - Announcer ("Come on Down") Cancer
Rogers, Fred 02/27/2003 Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Stomach Cancer
Rogers, Kasey 07/06/2006 Bewitched (Louise Tate, Larry Tate's wife) Stroke
Rogers, Roy 07/06/1998   The Roy Rogers Show  Congestive Heart Failure
Rolle, Esther 11/17/1998  Good Times   Diabetes Complications
Rollins, Howard 12/08/1996 In The Heat Of The Night  Lymphoma
Rufkahr, David Joseph 04/23/1996 Bartles & Jaymes TV ads
("And we thank you for your support')
Heart Attack
Rukeyser, Louis 05/02/2006 PBS's Wall Street Week Multiple Myeloma, a rare cancer of the bone marrow
Russell, Nipsey 10/02/2005
TV game show and late-night talk show host regular. He hosted a daytime game show called Your Number's Up. Often called "the poet laureate of comedy" for his rhyming comedic style. Cancer at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

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