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 Death - TV Actors

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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Sagal, Boris 05/24/1981  Hollywood Director   Helicopter Blades
Salmi, Albert 04/23/1990 TV Character Actor Suicide
Sanders, George 04/25/1972  Batman (Mr. Freeze) Suicide in Spain
Sanders, Harland 12/16/1980  Kentucky Fried Chicken Leukemia
Sanford, Isabel 07/12/2004 The Jeffersons ("Weezie") Natural Causes
Santos. Pablo 09/15/2006 Greetings from Tucson Small Plane Crash
Sargent, Dick 07/08/1994  Bewitched (Darrin #2)  Prostate Cancer
Savitch, Jessica 10/23/1983  News Anchorwoman Drowned in Car
Schaeffer. Rebecca 07/18/1989    My Sister Sam  Shot by Fan
Scott, Debralee 04/05/2005 Mary Hartman
Welcome Back, Kotter
Natural Causes
Seales, Frank 05/21/1990  Silver Spoons  AIDS
Serling, Rod 06/28/1975  The Twilight Zone  Heart Surgery
Savalas, Telly 01/22/1994 Kojak Prostate Cancer
Sharkey, Ray 06/11/1993  Wiseguy  AIDS
Shaw, Rita 01/08/1982 Ghost & Mrs. Muir  Emphysema
Silva, Trinidad 07/31/1988  Hill Street Blues Car Accident
Silverheels, Jay 03/05/1980 The Lone Ranger (Tonto) Stroke
Sinatra, Frank 05/14/1998  The Frank Sinatra Show Heart Attack
Singleton, Doris 06/26/2012 I Love Lucy (Friend of Lucy Ricardo) Cancer
Singleton, Penny 11/12/2003 Blondie films and
The Jetsons

(Voice of Jane Jetson)
Natural Causes
Siskel, Gene 02/20/1999   Siskel & Ebert  Brain Tumor Complications
Skelton, Red 09/17/1997  The Red Skelton Show  Prolonged illness
Skinner, Edna 08/08/2003 Mr. Ed (as Kay Addison)
Topper (as Maggie)
Heart Failure
Sladen, Elisabeth 04/19/2011 Dr. Who (Companion Sara Jane Smith) and spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures Cancer
Slezak, Walter 04/21/1983 Sunday Mystery Hour  Suicide
Smith, Buffalo Bob 07/30/1998  Howdy Doody   Cancer
Smith, Jack 07/03/2006 You Asked For It Leukemia
Smith, Lane 06/13/2005 Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Perry White) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease
Smith, Samantha 08/26/1985  Lime Street  Plane Crash in Maine
Snyder, Tom 07/29/2007 The Tomorrow Show (NBC), The Late Late Show (CBS) Chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Somers, Brett 09/15/2007 Match Game regular, The Odd Couple (Oscar's ex-wife) Stomach and Colon Cancer
Spencer, John 12/16/2005 L.A. Law and West Wing Heart Attack
Sperber, Wendie Jo 11/29/2005 Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer
Stack, Robert 05/14/2003 The Untouchables & Unsolved Mysteries Heart Attack
Stahl, Richard 06/18/2006 Laverne & Shirley, The Odd Couple, It's a Living Parkinson's Disease
Stander, Lionel 11/30/1994 Hart to Hart (as Max) Lung Cancer
Stanley, Florence 10/03/2003 Barney Miller
(played Mrs. Fish)
Steele, Bob 12/21/1988 F Troop (Trooper Duffy) Emphysema
Sterling, Robert 05/31/2006 Topper (as a ghost) Natural Causes (had shingles the last ten years of his life)
Stevens, Inger 04/30/1970  The Farmer's Daughter Suicide/Overdose of Tedral
Stevenson, McLean 02/15/1996  M*A*S*H   Heart Attack
Stewart, Paul 02/17/1986 Top Secret. USA, Deadline Heart Attack
Stone, Milburn 06/12/1980 Gunsmoke    Heart Attack
Story, Ralph 09/26/2006 The $64,000 Challenge Emphysema
Strassman, Marcia 10/25/2014 Welcome Back, Kotter (Julie Kotter) Breast Cancer
Strickland, David 03/22/1999  Suddenly Susan  Suicide / Hanged
Sues, Allen 12/01/2011 Laugh-In (Uncle Al / Big Al) Heart Attack
Sweet, Dolph 05/08/1985 Gimme a Break  Stomach Cancer
Switzer, Carl 01/21/1959  The Little Rascals (Alfalfa) Shot in Bar Brawl

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