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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Tartikoff, Brandon 08/27/1997 NBC TV Executive Hodgkin's Disease
Tayback, Vic 05/25/1990 Alice  Heart Attack
Taylor, Clarice 05/30/2011 Sesame Street, (Harriet) Cosby Show (Mother) Heart Failure
Taylor, Elizabeth 03/23/2011 (TV Movies) Divorce His - Divorce Hers, Victory Entebbe, Poker Alice, Malice In Wonderland, These Old Broads, mini-series North and South, cameos on soap operas All My Children and General Hospital (Helena Cassadine), and TV series Here's Lucy, Hotel, The Nanny, Can't Hurry Love, and the US versions of British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, High Society, and provided the voice of baby Lisa on episode ("Maggie's First Word") of The Simpsons, and as herself on episode "Krusty Gets Canceled" and a cameo on the cartoon Captain Planet. She also apperaed as the "Mystery Guest" on a 1954 episode of "What's My Line?" and starred in her own signature scent perfume ad for "White Diamonds" Congestive Heat Failure
Taylor, June 05/17/2004 The Jackie Gleason Show
"The June Taylor Dancers"
Natural Causes
Tennison, Justin 02/22/2011 Deadliest Catch (Crew) Found Dead in Hotel
Thaw, John 02/21/2002 Inspector Morse Throat Cancer
Thigpen, Lynne 03/12/2003 The District Massive Heart Attack
Thomas, Danny 02/06/1991 The Danny Thomas Show  Heart Attack
Thomas Jr., Frank M. "Frankie" 05/11/2006 Tom Corbett, Space Cadet Respiratory failure; stroke
Thomas, Michelle 12/24/1998  Family Matters   Stomach Cancer
Thomas, William 10/10/1980  Little Rascal's (Buckwheat) Heart Attack
Thompson, Sada 05/04/2011 Family Lung Disease
Tim, Tiny 11/30/1996 "Tip Toe Through the
  Tulips" song
Heart Attack
Tong, Sammee 10/27/1964   Bachelor Father  Suicide
Trow, Bob 11/02/1998  Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood   Heart Attack
Tucker, Forrest 10/25/1986  F Troop    Lung Cancer

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