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 Death - TV Actors

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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Walker, Nancy 05/25/1992 McMillan & Wife
and Rhoda  
Lung Cancer
Wallace, George D. 07/22/2005 Character Actor
Sons and Daughter
(played Grandpa Hank)
Complications from a fall
Wallace, Mike 04/07/2012 60 Minutes (broadcaster) Suffered from Heart Problems
Walston, Ray 01/01/2001 My Favorite Martian  &
Picket Fences
Natural Causes
Ward, Jay 10/12/1989  Creator of cartoon
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Kidney Cancer
Warden, Jack 07/19/2006 Crazy Like a Fox Failing Health
Ware, Herta 08/15/2005 Veteran Character Actress Natural Causes
Warrick, Ruth 01/15/2005 All My Children
(for 30 years)
Waxman, Al 01/18/2001  Cagney & Lacey  Heart By-Pass 
Waymire, Kelly 11/13/2003 One Life to Live, Enterprise and Six Feet Under Found dead in apartment of unknown causes
Wayne, Carol 01/13/1985  The Tonight Show Skits Drowned
Weatherwax, Ken 12/07/2014 Pugsley Addams on The Addams Family Heart Attack
Weaver, Dennis 02/24/2006 Gunsmoke and McCloud Cancer
Weaver, Doodles 01/17/1983   Club Oasis  &
Doodles Weaver 
Suicide by Gunshot
Webb, Richard 06/10/1993   Captain Midnight  Suicide
Welk, Lawrence 05/17/1992  The Lawrence Welk Show Pneumonia
Wences, Senor 04/20/1999 Johnny the hand puppet Died at age of 103 of natural causes
Westerman, Floyd "Red Crow" 12/13/2007 Northern Exposure, The X-Files, Walker, Texas Ranger, Dharma & Greg Leukemia Complications
Weston, Jack 05/03/1996  The Hathaways   Lymphoma
Wheeler, Bert 01/18/1968 Brave Eagle (Smokey Joe) Emphysema
White, David 11/27/1990  Bewitched (Larry Tate) Heart Attack
Whitfield, Andy 09/11/2011 Spartacus: Blood & Sand Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Wild, Jack 03/01/2006 H.R. Pufenstuf (Jimmy) Cancer
Williams, Andy 09/25/2010 The Andy Williams Show Bladder Cancer
Williams, Guy 05/07/1989 Zorro   Heart Attack
Willingham, Noble 01/17/2004 Texas Walker Ranger Natural Causes
Wilson, Dick 11/19/2007 Charmin Toilet Paper/Towels ("Please, don't squeeze the Charmin") Natural Causes
Wilson, Flip 11/25/1998  The Flip Wilson Show  Liver Cancer  
Wilson, Yvette 06/14/2012 Moesha  
Winchell, Paul 06/24/2005 Ventriloquist for dummies Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff
Voice of Tigger in Disney's Winnie the Pooh Movies and Voice of Gargamel on The Smurfs)
Natural Causes
(Died in his sleep)
Windom, William Winfield, Paul My World and Welcome To It, Murder, She Wrote Winfield, Paul
Winfield, Paul 03/07/2004 Star Trek: The Next Generation & Martin Luther  King Miniseries Heart Attack
Winters, Shelley 01/14/2007 Roseanne (Rosie's Grandmother) Heart Failure
Wyatt, Jane 10/20/2006 Father Knows Best and Star Trek (Spock's Mother) Natural Causes
Wyman, Jane 09/10/2007 Falcon Crest Arthritis & Diabetes

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