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Anthony Edwards as Mike Monroe - NORTHERN EXPOSUREMultiple Chemical Sensitivity - Modern day malady suffered by Mike Monroe (Anthony Edwards) a hyper-allergic attorney introduced on the episode "Blowing Bubbles" (11-2-92) on the drama NORTHERN EXPOSURE/CBS/1990-96.

Mike (a.k.a. "The Bubbleman") suffered from the modern day condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Consequently, he lived in virtual isolation in an antiseptic Buckminster Fuller-like geodesic dome outside the town of Cicely. If anyone visited his home they were asked to dress in germ free gowns and gloves.

When Mike first met pilot Maggie O'Connell (Janine Turner) he asked "Are you wearing makeup...eyeliner, perfume, shampoo, shampoo? How about synthetic clothing?" Maggie says "I think this shell has some nylon in it." Mike responds "Just leave it on the hook, please."

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1976, actor John Travolta starred in the made-for-TV movie The Boy In The Plastic Bubble about a boy forced to live in an isolation bubble because he was born without immunities. On the NBC sitcom SEINFELD, episode No.45 "The Bubble Boy" (10/7/92) standup comic Jerry Seinfeld was pressured into visiting an obnoxious fan who was cocooned in a sterile environment. See also - "Glacier Dropsy"

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