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Basset Hounds

Axelrod - Floppy-eared hound who lived in an "A" shaped dog house featured in a series of Flying "A" Service Station advertisements in the 1960s. Axelrod appeared in a "Worry" campaign accompanied with phrases like 'When it comes to your car...oooh, do we worry!'" and "The house that worry built." The ads ran in magazines like Saturday Evening Post in 1965.

Flying 'A' Service Station Ad

TRIVIA NOTE: From 1938 to 1955, The Associated Tide Water Oil Company operated Associated Flying A stations on the west coast and Tydol Flying A stations on the east coast and Midwest. Tide Water merged with California-based Associated in 1938 and added the western company's Flying A logo to Tydol signage on the east coast.

In 1966, Flying A stations on the west coast were sold and the new east coast company became the Getty Oil Company. In 1969 the brand became Getty. Getty was acquired by Texaco in 1984.

The Flying A Service Station company creed: "Friendliness, Cleanliness, Human Values, Sustained Quality & Service"

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