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The Beagles - String & TubbyBeagles, The - Parody of the British rock and roll group "The Beatles" done up in canine characters on the half-hour Saturday morning cartoon THE BEAGLES/CBS/1966-67.

The Beagles band members included the doggie duo of String and Tubby (he's always getting into trouble) who appeared in five-minute serialized adventures.

To make sure the dog duo really understood the back story of each song they wrote, their manager, Scotty, a Terrier, arranged to place them into environments that supported the tune's lyrics.

For example, when they wrote a song about ghosts, they visited a haunted house; and if they were scribbling the song lyrics about the desert, they traveled to a French Foreign Legion fortress for inspiration

Some of their song titles included "Indian Love Dance," "I'd Join the Foreign Legion" and "Thanks to the Man in the Moon."

Produced by Total Television Productions (TTV), the program later aired on the ABC network for the 1967-68 season.

("Lookin' for the Beagles")

Lookin' for the Beagles,
Lookin' high and low;
High is for the eagles,
Low is where the Beagles go.
Right now to bust a bubble,
To wherever there's some trouble;
That's where the Beagles go.
Trouble's not a sometime thing,
It dims but won't die out;
Pleasure makes the Beagles sing,
Trouble makes them shout.
Lookin' for the Beagles,
Not where rich men go;
Rich is for the regals;
Woe is all the Beagles know.

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