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Buddy - Handicapped bulldog seen on the sitcom VERONICA'S CLOSET/NBC/1997-99. Buddy was owned by Veronica Chase (Kirstie Alley), a lingerie mail-order executive (a.k.a. "Queen of Romance").

Buddy  was 24 year old (168 in dog years). He couldn't clean or feed himself because he had arthritis. His hind legs were supported by a tiny-wheeled K-9 cart so he could move about Veronica's home.

On episode No. 6 "Veronica's Best Buddy" Buddy became the object of contention when Veronica and her womanizing husband Bryce both sought custody of Buddy during their divorce proceedings. Ronnie won custody.

Buddy recovered his ability to walk after a visit to a Chinese herbalist healer named Pepper (played by Ever Carradine).

The gender of Buddy came into question when people noticed he did not have a male appendage. Veronica remarked "He used to have stuff until he was 95 and it just went all back in."

Buddy the dog was played by Molly the dog. Molly was actually not crippled but had to be fitted with a K-9 cart during some of the episodes until Buddy's arthritic condition was cured.

Reportedly, animal activist Kathy Najimy who played Olive Massery on the show was responsible for Buddy being cured because she thought it was cruel to have the dog pulling around the K-9 cart just for the sake of a few jokes.

TRIVIA NOTE: A similar K-9 cart was used by Speedy, Drew Carey's Labrador Retriever on the sitcom THE DREW CAREY SHOW when the TV dog was experiencing hip trouble.

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