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Steve - Bulldog seen on the BAYWATCH beach spoof SON OF THE BEACH/FX/2000-2001. Steve the Dog (a.k.a. Lt. Steve Andrews) works with the Shore Patrol Force-30 (SPF) on the shores of Malibu Adjacent, a beach near Malibu, California.

Steve the dog - SON OF THE BEACH
Steve the Dog

Steve's colleagues included Timothy Stack as Head Lifeguard Notch "Ride the Big One" Johnson, Jamie Bergman as B.J. Cummings, Roland Kickinger as Chip Rommel, Leila Acieri as Jamaica St. Croix, and Kim Oja as Kimberlee Clark.

On episode No. 1 "With Sex You Get Eggroll" Notch Johnson takes Steve for a run and alludes that the dog is to be the ingredient in a Cambodian meal.

On episode No. 17 "Rod Strikes Back" Chip's Shitzu dog, Shitzie swims over from Germany and tries to replace Steve as the SPF-30 lifedog.

Steve the dog was played by Michael Berensen.

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