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Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog - Lazy but ever-faithful canine sidekick featured on TOM TERRIFIC, a 26 episode Terrytoons cartoon segment which aired from 1957-1959 on the educational series CAPTAIN KANGAROO/CBS/1955-84.

Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog

Manfred was the partner of Tom Terrific, a magical boy who could morph his body into anything he desired with the help of his magic thinking cap that was shaped like a funnel.

Theme Song Lyrics

Terrytoons presents
The real great adventures of ME!
Tom Terrific
With Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog


I'm Tom Terrific
Greatest hero ever
Terrific is the name for me
Cause I'm so clever

I can be what I wanna be
And if you'd like to see
Follow follow me

If you see a plane on high
A diesel  train go roaring by
A bumble bee or tree
It's me

When there is trouble
 I'm there on the double
From Atlantic to Pacific
 They know Tom Terrific

And Uh-Uh and I'm Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog
and...and Tom's ever-faithful companion [smacks lips]

Alternate version

I'm Tom Terrific
Great adventure lover
With Might Manfred by my side
Villains run for cover.

I can be anything you see
Change my shape most readily
How I do it puzzles me

If you use a rocket blast
A sailing ship go sailing past
A little flea, a golden key
It's Me!

All sorts of fun things
I'm never just one thing
My names Tom Terrific

And Uh-Uh and I'm Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog
and Tom's ever-faithful companion [smacks lips]

Tom Terrific with Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog
Tom Terrific with Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog

Manfred and Tom's chief nemesis was Crabby Appleton, a bad guy who according to his theme song was "simply awful. It does my heart a lot of good to do a deed unlawful! I'm fond of gloom, impending doom, I think good deeds are sappy! I laugh with glee, it pleases me when everyone's unhappy."

Other villains included Pirate Captain Kidney Bean, crazed inventor Isotope Feany and the Silly Sandman.

Actor Lionel Wilson provided the voices for all the program characters (which were black ink drawings on a white background).

TRIVIA NOTE: TV Guide magazine ranked Tom Terrific as one of the "50 Greatest TV Cartoon Characters".

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