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Reddy the dog - Dim-witted white dog  with a southern drawl  (voice of Daws Butler) featured on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon adventures of THE RUDD AND REDDY SHOW/NBC/1957-1960.

 Reddy the Dog and Ruff the Cat on a Motorscooter - HANNA-BARBERA PRODUCTIONS

Reddy was the sidekick of Ruff, a brainy cat (voice of Don Messick) Together, they lived in the town of Middleville. A tiny but kindly Professor Gizmo (voice of Don Messick), a scientist and inventor, often assisted Ruff and Reddy on their many adventures.

Theme Song Lyrics

Get set, Get ready
Here comes Ruff and Reddy
They're tough but steady
Always rough and ready
They sometimes have their little spats
Even fight like dogs and cats
But when they need each other
That's when they're Ruff and Reddy

During their four season run, Ruff and Reddy appeared in such episodes as "The Creepy Creature", "Rocket Ranger Danger", Marooned n Typhoon Lagoon," "Rootin' Tootin' Shootin" and "Welcome Guest in a Treasure Chest." Each season ran 13 episode which included four segments per show that always ended with a cliffhanger.

Villains encountered by Ruff and Reddy included:

  • Captain Greedy and Salt Water Daffy
  • The Goon of Doubloon Lagoon
  • Killer and Diller, the terrible Texas twins
  • The Mad Monster of Muni Mula (aluminum spelled backwards)
  • The Metal Monster
  • The Planet Pirates
  • Scarry Harry Safari

The Ruff and Reddy Show - Title Card
TV Series Title Card

Debuting on December 14, 1957, THE RUFF AND REDDY SHOW was first cartoon series produced by H-B Enterprises (later to be named Hanna-Barbera Productions, one of the worlds' largest producers of animated programming founded by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the creators of MGM's Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Professor Gizmo, Ruff and Reddy
Professor Gizmo, Ruff and Reddy

THE RUFF AND REDDY SHOW was originally hosted by Jimmy Blaine who broadcast from WNBC-TV, New York. Along with his  puppet-bird sidekicks, Rhubarb the Parrot and Jose Toucan (manipulated by puppeteers Rufus Rose and Bobby Nicholson) Blaine  introduced the cartoon adventures (broadcast in black and white until June 1959). From 1962 until it left the network on September 26, 1964, the cartoon series was hosted by Captain Bob Cottle and his puppets, Jasper, Gramps and Mr. Answer.

Ruff and Reddy Comic Book = DELL COMICS

Ruff and Reddy Game - Space Adventure


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