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Murray - Seven-year-old mixed Collie breed on the sitcom MAD ABOUT YOU/NBC/1992-99. Murray is a "rare Flatbush Pound Collie-Shepherd."

Murray lived with Paul Buchman (Paul Reiser), a documentary filmmaker who resided in a Manhattan high-rise with his wife Jamie (Helen Hunt), an impulsive public relations executive.

Paul and Murray - MAD ABOUT YOU
Paul and Murray on the rug

Once, dim-witted Murray spent an entire episode ("Go Get The Mouse") bumping into walls. As Jamie described the situation: "the pathetic furry thing. He thinks he's chasing a mouse. He runs around the apartment at 90 miles an hour and then slams into a wall. Run, run, run, THUD!"

When Murray wasn't bumping into walls, he spent his time lounging about the Buchman's apartment, dressing up as a camel - hump and all - for Halloween or getting the next door neighbor's dog pregnant. Murray's mother, Mona appeared on episode "The Last Scampi."

TRIVIA NOTE: Murray's real name is Maui. Maui loved to be petted and had his own dressing room on the show. Maui was found in Castaic, California by animal trainer Boone Narr, the owner of Boone's Animals for Hollywood. Trained by Betty Linn, Maui appeared in the movie Airhead and commercials for Pizza Hut. A dog named Smiley (a boxer mix) played Murray in the series pilot.

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