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German Shepherd
London - German shepherd starring on the Canadian animal adventure THE LITTLEST HOBO/SYN/1963.

The Littlest Hobo TV Series

London drifted from town to town meeting people and getting involved with all of their problems. Among the names given to London by his human friends are Smoke, Einstein, Scout, Mr. Magic, Lucky, Shadow, Buddy, Slapshot, Roamer, Crusoe, Ulysses, Hercules, Sinbad, and Gulliver.

Charles P. Eisenmann was London's trainer. Reportedly, London the dog could understand over 4000 different words (in three languages).

In 1979, a new color version of the series LITTLE HOBO resurfaced in Canada (CTV 1979-85 and later on ATV 1997-98).

The TV series was inspired by the 1958 black and white Allied Artists film "The Littlest Hobo" created by Dorrell McGowan and directed by Charles Rondeau.

Theme Song Lyrics

I find adventure everywhere,
and friends with whom I'd like to share.
This is my stop along the way.
Don't really know how long I'll stay.
Stop over. The world is my friend.
Stop over along the road without end.
Traveling around from town to town.
Sometimes I think I'll settle down.
But I know I'd hunger to be free.
Rovin' is the only life for me.
A-driftin'. The world is my friend.
I'm travelin' along the road without end.

Lyrics by Ronald Stein. Sung by Randy Sparks


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