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 Dogs at a Glance (real dogs no cartoons)

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Nipper Fox Terrier RCA Company Mascot RCA Commercials
Bullet the Wonder Dog German Shepherd Roy Rogers The Roy Rogers Show
Joe Black & Tan German Shepherd US Army Run, Joe Run


Sam Yellow Labrador Retriever Officer Mike Breen Sam
Rowdy Stuffed Yellow Labrador Retriever J.D. & Turk Scrubs
Yukon King Husky Sgt. Preston Sgt. Preston of the Yukon
Happy White Terrier Simon Camden 7th Heaven
Sugar Cocker Spaniel Penny King Sky King
Rags Pug Carter Haywood Spin City
Molly Irish Setter Captain Janeway Star Trek: Voyager


Jack One-eyed Jack Russell Terrier Jake Cutter Tales of the Gold Monkey
Buddy the Wonder Dog Shaggy Gray & White Mutt Alex Reiger Taxi
Tequila Drooling French Mastiff Detective. Nico Bonetti Tequila & Bonetti
Shotzy Dachsund/Weiner Dog Red & Kitty Foreman That 70s Show
Asta Wire-haired Terrier Nick & Nora Charles The Thin Man
Neil Ghostly St. Bernard Marion & George Kirby Topper
Taco Bell Dog (Ginger & Dinky) Chihuahua Taco Bell Mascot Taco Bell Commercials


Thimble Black Terrier Miss Alice Bellamy Upstairs Downstairs


Backup Pit Bull Veronica Mars Veronica Mars
Buddy Bull Dog Veronica Chase Veronica's Closet


Brown Mongrel Mutt Dave Blassingame The Westerner
Wishbone Jack Russell Terrier   Wishbone
Toto Cairn Terrier Dorothy Gale Wizard of Oz (Movie)
Pecos Bill Small Collie Andy Travis WKRP in Cincinnati
Buster Beagle Kevin Arnold The Wonder Years


Queequeg Pomeranian FBI Agent Dana Scully The X-Files


Max Golden Retriever Joe Gardner The Year in the Life

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