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Spike the Wonder DogSpike the Wonder Dog - Tan Siberian Tiger Hound with brown spots on the animated cartoon series RUGRATS/NIK/1991-2004. Spike is the friendly, loyal family pet of the Pickle’s family and Tommy‘s Pickles best-est friend. Tommy, a baby boy in diapers.

Spike made his first appearance in the episode “Tommy’s First Birthday” where Tommy wants to eat dog food just like Spike.

Others show to focus on Spike included the episodes:

  • “Spike the Wonder Dog“ (Angela attaches a cellular phone on Spike and barks orders through it)
  • “A Dog‘s Life“ (Spike contends with the new baby Dil and Stu’s new gadget)
  • “Potty Training Spike“ (Tommy tries to toilet train Spike by using diapers and teaching him to use the toilet)
  • “Spike’s Babies“ (Spike adopts kittens)
  • “Spike Runs Away“ (Spike gets loose from his doghouse)
  • “In the Dreamtime” (Spike actually talks in a dream sequence - voice of Michael Bell).

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