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Jack - Shaggy mutt owned by Laura Ingalls (Melissa Gilbert) on the frontier drama LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE/NBC/1974-83.

Jack the dog with the Ingalls Family - LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE
Jack with the Ingalls Family

Laura's dog died on the episode "Keesia the Witch." Jack died supposedly from foxtails stuck in his ears. At his funeral Laura says:

"I didn't mean the things I said to you, Jack. You're the best dog in the whole world. The best dog a girl could ever have. I'm going to say a prayer for you every night. May God keep you safe and warm in your new bed."

Later, a stray border collie named Bandit (played by Jeff the dog) was given to Laura and eventually she learned to love him.

Trained by Genny Kerns, Barney the dog played Laura's Jack during the first season. The dog was seen in the opening credits as the Wilder family run down the hillside.

TRIVIA NOTE: In the 1990s on the FX channel animal show PET DEPARTMENT, terrier Jack the Dog co-hosted the program with human, Steve Walker.

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