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Chester - Pomeranian pooch owned by public relations executive Chastity Claire "C.C." Babcock (Lauren Lane) on the sitcom THE NANNY/CBS/1993-99.

Val, Chester and Fran Kidnapped - THE NANNY
Val, Chester and Fran

Chester was the focus of the episode "Fransom" when a stranger kidnapped Chester while nanny Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) walked the dog in the the park. But when C.C. placed a reward for finding Chester (a la the Mel Gibson movie Ransom) Fran and her friend Val (Rachel Chagall) eagerly tracked down the dognappers and the reward.

In real life, Chester the dog was owned by Fran Dresher, the star of THE NANNY. Chester had appeared on numerous magazine covers with Fran as well as in the film Cadillac Man (1990).

In 2001, Fran Drescher published a book entitled "Cancer Schmancer" that chronicled her battle with uterine cancer, and the death of her beloved companion, Chester on December 26, 2000.

Fran first saw Chester in a pet store in the mall. She had always wanted a dog, but her parents would always say that when she got married she could have a dog. So, when she got married, Fran got herself a red Pomeranian named Chester for $500 who according to Fran was not a show dog -- he was a shopping mall dog.

Fran took Chester everywhere with her (restaurants, museums, theaters, etc) and actively ignored "no dogs allowed" signs. When Chester reached the age of 18, Fran reluctantly had him put to sleep.

"Having an old dog," wrote Fran "is like being in the company of any geriatric. The hearing goes, the eyesight goes, and it's all downhill from there. My great grandmother, in her last years, used to say, 'It's no good to get old'. I think that's where Chester was at too."

On Christmas night 2000, Fran and her boyfriend John found Chester unable to get up, and covered in his own feces. After bathing the dog, Fran called the Vet who came to the house the next day to put Chester down.

According to Fran "It was a beautiful day, and I held him outside on my deck. I wanted him to feel the sun on his face one more time.. I inhaled his scent and cradled him....Chester and I lay on the bed. I just kissed him and stroked him. I whispered in his ear how much I loved him. I always said, 'There'll never be another you,' and I repeated it that day. We had penne pasta together. He seemed to want it, and I couldn't refuse him anything."

After Fran finished mourning Chester's death, she decided to get a new puppy. "Why should I live in my big house, without a uterus and without a dog too?" said Drescher. So, at the recommendation of her cousin Erica, Fran went to a pet shop called "Pet Love" that offered a big selection of really cute dogs.

After careful consideration, Fran selected a quiet, chocolate brown female Pomeranian and named the new puppy Esther, after her great-grandmother.

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