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Sprocket - Muppet dog featured on the puppet series JIM HENSON'S FRAGGLE ROCK/HBO/1983-87.

Sprocket the dog and Gobo - FRAGGLE ROCK
Sprocket and Gobo Fraggle

Sprocket is owned by Doc who works on inventions in his workshop. A hole in the wall of his workshop leads to an underground kingdom of creature called Fraggles.

One of the more adventurous Fraggles, Uncle Traveling Matt left his subterranean world to travel in the Outer Space world of the humans. He sends postcards of his exploits to his nephew Gobo Fraggle who retrieves the communiqués from Doc's workshop.

Sprocket the dog and Doc - FRAGGLE ROCK
Sprocket and Doc

When Gobo comes out of the wall, Sprocket barks brightly and tries to warn Doc about the little invader. Later in the series, Sprocket befriends Gobo.

Sprocket (voiced by Rob Paulsen) appeared in the animated Saturday morning version of the series FRAGGLE ROCK/NBC/1987-88.

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