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Speedy - Golden Retriever owned by department store executive Drew Carey (Drew Carey) on the situation comedy THE DREW CAREY SHOW/ABC/1995-2004.

Speedy in the back yard with Drew, Oswald, and Lewis
Speedy with Drew, Oswald, Lewis

Initially, Speedy's hind legs were supported by a tiny wheeled cart that helped the dog get around his Cleveland home, but later in the series Speedy was seen walking on all fours.

Drew got his dog from Lisa, his former girlfriend. When she broke off the relationship, Drew asked if he could keep her dog. She agreed.

On the March 3, 1999 episode Speedy takes part in clinical trials for canine cataracts at DrugCo pharmaceutical and disappears. Drew and friends break into the creepy facility to rescue the pooch and discover the center's manager (Charles Nelson Reilly) stole the dog to be his companion and Frisbee partner.

Drew's nemesis Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney) owned a Pug breed dog named Antonio.

Some Speedy Quotes


[dancing with Speedy] Daddy's got a girlfriend! Daddy's got a girlfriend! [Sharon walks in] You had your chance, woman...  

Lewis: Hey, Speedy, want some pickle water?
[Speedy starts licking the water]
 : Uh uh. Don't eat the pickles, they're for paying customers.

Drew You guys really got to go.
Lewis: Wait a minute... Six eggs on the frying pan... That twinkle in your eye... Speedy hiding under the pool table with that haunted look in his eyes... You scored last night, didn't ya?  

Oswald: All right. Drew told us "not" to let speedy into the house.
Lewis: Where is he?
Oswald: Probably in the brewery.
Lewis: [opens the door] Ok, when he comes out, we pretend to let him into the house, and then we catch him. [Speedy comes out of the brewery, with a six-pack]
Oswald: Hey, he brought us a six pack! But, why did he put it all the way over there?
Lewis:  'Cause he's a dumb animal. Come on, let's go get it.
[Oswald and Lewis go to get the beer, while Speedy runs into the house, and pushes the door closed, locking Oswald and Lewis out]
Lewis: We must never speak of this again...

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