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Triumph the Insult Dog - Black, cigar-smoking Toy Rottweiler hand puppet seen on comedy spots on the talk show LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN/NBC/1993+.

Triumph the Insult Dog

Host Conan O'Brien described the character as an immigrant with the voice of a Ukranian woman who made his way to the Borsch Belt in the Catskills. Initially Triumph insulted Conan, but eventually his sharp-tongued blue barbs branched out to the guests on the program.

Triumph claims to have been around since the 1950s appearing on such classic shows as THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW and THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW.

In later years, Triumph appeared on HOLLYWOOD SQUARES and  on the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS, where one year he almost came to blows with Eminem for insulting the white hip-hop rapper star.

Brought to life by puppeteer-writer Robert Smigel, Conan's degrading dog (once identified on the show as a Yugoslavian mountain hound) first compliments a person and then mocks them with his trademark put-down "For me to POOP on!" He "pooped on" (figuratively only) such celebrities as John Tesh, Pauly Shore, and Fabio.

Triumph's father is a Toy Rottweiler who sang in Yiddish Theaters. His  mother is an Afghan who looks exactly like Celine Dion.

In 1999, Triumph conducted a tour of Hollywood by bus and visited the Hollywood Wax Museumthe sight of many, many stars “for me to POOP on!” While there, he left a turd at the feet of David Hasselhoff‘s figure and humped the wax displays of both Benji and Toto from The Wizard of Oz. He also told one of the Asian people on the tour “Do you know how I know you’re Chinese?...Because YOU ATE MY DAD!”

When Triumph reported from the Westminster Dog Show (WKC) he called all the dog's "bitches" and humped every canine in sight.

In 2006, Triumph's CD, ''Come Poop With Me,'' was nominated for a Grammy Award, in the category Best Comedy Album. When asked about his credibility as a rapper, Triumph said: "Snoop Dogg...Please, please. I'm the real dog. You know. Snoop Dogg. Triumph. We can both rap, but only one of us can lick our balls."

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