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Littl'Bits - Peaceful elves only one-inch tall who lived in tiny cottages in the magical Foothill Forest on the half-hour animated series LITTL'BITS/NIK/1991-95.

Littl' Bits & Forest Friends

The main characters were the children of the forest: Lillabit, Snagglebit, and Williebit. The adults included Snagglebit's father, Mayor Bossabit, Lillabit's guardian Snoozabit, Browanbit and Elderbit, a wise, bearded village elder.

The Littl'Bit's mission in life was to live in harmony with all their woodland creature friends (flying squirrels, etc.) and avoid such villains as Scary Bit, an evil witch.

Produced by Tatsunoko Productions Co. Ltd. and Saban Entertainment Production, the 26 episodes series was originally released in Japan in 1980 under the name: "Mori no Yogi na Shojintachi: Berufi to Rirubitto" (Translated: "Cheerful Dwarves of the Forest: Belfy and Lilla'bit".

Littl' Bits

Littl' Bits Theme Song Lyrics

"Come join the fun with the Littl' Bits.
They're all around our Littl' Bits.
And I know that there's a lesson to be learned, come watch the Littl' Bits
and do it with love and care. They're full of love our Littl' Bits.
Sometimes I wish.. I was a Littl' Bit.
Cause with a little bit of love, the world can be
A better place for you and me.
We're the Littl' Bits!
We're the Littl' Bits!
We're the Littl' Bits!
Cause with a little bit of love, the world can be
A better place for you and me."

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