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Weenie the Genie - Good-natured but magically inept genie featured on Sid & Marty Krofft's Saturday morning live-action fantasy LIDSVILLE/ABC/1971-73.

Billy Hayes as Weenie the Genie - LIDSVILLE

Weenie lives in a mysterious world of living hats called Lidsville. Unfortunately, she is the captive of an evil sorcerer named Horatio J. Hoo Doo who holds a magic ring that gives him power over her.

Luckily, one day a boy named Mark - while attending a Six Flags over Texas in his world - falls through a magic hat owned by Merlo the Magician and ends up in Lidsville.

Upon arrival, Mark is imprisoned in a dungeon by Hoo Doo for being a spy for the Good Hats. Eventually with the help of Weenie the Genie, Mark steals the magic ring that controls Weenie the Genie and escapes Hoo Doo's clutches.

A grateful Weenie - along with a gang of friendly hats - promises to help Mark find a way out of Lidsville and back to his own home of Jackson City, Texas.

Hoo Doo the Magician


Mark and His Hat Friends
Hoo Doo the Magician Mark and Friends

TRIVIA NOTE: The LIDSVILLE series ran only 17 episodes. After its ABC run, re-runs of the show appeared on NBC from 1973-74.

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