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Solomon Family Gnome - Small white-bearded gnome statute seen on the sci-fi sitcom 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN/NBC1995-2001.

Red-capped Gnome - 3rd Rock from the Sun

The cheery-looking gnome (about 8-inches tall) is one of many pieces of bric-a-brac in the apartment of the Solomon family - a group of aliens who have taken up residence on earth.

The gnome sports a red cap, green jacket, brown pants, black shoes and grips a tiny little axe in his hands that he uses to chop a log resting at his feet.

The original gnome used on the show was a 1950s plaster tchotchke, but rubber duplicates of the gnome were used for stunts. Because the gnome was frequently given screen close-ups, it was billed in the show's scripts as "THE himself."

The Gnome rests on the apartment's pot-bellied stove, but can be seen in other locations from time to time. The stars of the program have admitted to manhandling the gnome. Kristin Johnson confessed "I'll hit French (Stewart) with it occasionally, just for the hell of it."

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