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Dooley the Leprechaun - Enchanted leprechaun featured on the Saturday morning children's adventure THE WHISTLING WIZARD/CBS/1951-52.

Whistling the Wizard - Bil & Cora Baird

This Bil and Cora Baird marionette production followed the adventures of J. P., a cute, wide-eyed little boy who accidentally fell to the bottom of a well (much like Alice fell into Wonderland) only to find the entrance to an enchanted world of "The Land of Beyond" ruled by a Leprechaun named Dooley (a.k.a. "The Whistling Wizard").

Speaking with an Irish brogue and playing a magic flute, Dooley protected his kingdom against the evil Kohlrabi and the Mistress Spider Lady who weaved her black magic spells by uttering the incantation "Elia Kazan!"

Other residents of this fantasy land were King Rutabega, the ruler of a neighboring kingdom of Nagard; Thimble, Dooley's assistance; Davey Jones, the guardian of the treasure at the bottom of the sea; and Heathcliffe, a horse.

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