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Pixanne - Pretty fairy character (played by Jane Norman) who lived in an enchanted forest on the children's program PIXANNE.

Jane Norman as Pixanne

Pixanne's character was inspired by J. M. Barrie's perennial youth Peter Pan. As Jane Norman once said "I loved Broadway shows and always wanted to play Peter Pan so I designed a version of Peter’s costume and I made myself look like a pixie."

The program featured live-action, songs, stories and visitors that Pixanne magically transported from the real world to her forest domain. Once a visiting fireman put a hoop on fire during a demonstration and but couldn't put the fire out despite repeated tries with a fire extinguisher.

The PIXANNE program originated in Philadelphia on WCAU-TV Channel 10 and aired from 1960 to 1969. Eventually, the show moved to weekday mornings at WNEW Ch. 5 in New York City and ran from September 22, 1969 until August 21, 1970. The program reruns were later nationally syndicated in the late 1970s.

The Addis Williams puppets appeared regularly on the show (Oggie the Owl, Flippy Butterfly) as well as characters like Wendy the Friendly Witch (Norman in a witch costume) and the evil Captain Hook (played by the show's resident magician Jack Adams).

Pixanne Record Album
Pixanne Record Album

Before her Pixanne gig, Jane Norman was accomplished piano prodigy, summer-stock actress, and songwriter for children. In recent years she has given up personal appearances as Pixanne to start a singing career. Jane has recorded several record albums. A showcase of her vocal talents can be found in her CD of romantic ballads entitled Madly in Love.

TRIVIA NOTE: Philadelphia TV show hosts like Pixanne, Sally Starr and Captain Noah were the inspiration for a successful off-Broadway play called Music from a Sparkling Planet about three men in their 30s who search for Tamara Tomorrow, the host of an afternoon sci-fi kids television show of their youth.

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