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L.A. LAW/NBC/1986-94
**(Amanda Donohoe) Cara Jean "C. J." Lamb, a clever female lawyer with an English accent who worked in association with a Los Angeles law firm. C. J. called herself "flexible" when it came to sexual lifestyle.

**(Judy Carne) Judy Carne, talented British actress and comedienne who appeared on this irreverent program filled with sights gags, one-liners and blackout skits. Her most memorable role was that of the "Sock it to Me" girl who weekly got tricked into saying "Sock it to me!" and then got hit by pies, drenched with water or dropped through a trap door.

*(Cartoon Character) Prince Valiant (voice of Robby Benson), the teenage son of King Willem who went to King Arthur's Camelot to become a knight of the Round Table. Other voices and characters included Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as King Arthur; Samantha Eggar as Queen Guinevere; Tim Curry as Sir Gawain; Alan Oppenheimer as Merlin the Wizard; Michael Horton as Arn; and Noelle North as Rowanne.

*(John Standing/costar) Edward Wingate, British aristocrat who lived in a castle outside London. Wingate teamed with an American insurance fraud investigator (based in Virginia) to work on cases for a London-based insurance conglomerate.

*(Robert Newton) Long John Silver, a British buccaneer living on the Crown owned island of Porto Bello who battled the Spanish naval fleets roaming the West Indies of the 1700s. Other cast included Kit Taylor as Jim Hawkins, Silver's youthful ward; Connie Gilchrist as Purity Pinker, the owner of Silver's favorite pub; Harvey Adams as Governor Strong; Grant Taylor as Patch; Rodney Taylor as Israel Hands; and Henry Gilbert as Billy Bowledge. Robert Newton created the pirate role of Long John Silver in the 1950 Disney film Treasure Island based on the book of Robert Louis Stevenson. The series was filmed in Australia.

*(Ian Matheson/costar) Neil Dickson, a British professor of mythology teaching at a University in London who befriends Kate Hodge, a young American student bitten by a werewolf. Neil later travels to Northbridge, California to help battle her curse (she turns into a beast at the full moon). The Neil Dickson character first appeared in the SHE-WOLF OF LONDON/SYN/1991 where he was presented as a parapsychology professor who wrote the books "The Face of Fear" and "Satan's Sex Slaves" (a study of mythology).

**(Judy Geeson) Maggie Conway, the snooty British neighbor living in a Manhattan apartment across the hall from Paul and Jamie Buchman. Paxton Whitehead and Jim Piddock played the role of Maggie's equally snooty husband, Hal.

MAGNUM P.I./CBS/1980-88
*(John Hillerman/costar) Jonathan Quayle Higgins III, stuffy British manservant who ran the Hawaiian Oahu estate of wealthy writer, Robin Masters. Higgins was often at odds with Thomas Magnum, the estates live-in security man. Higgins, a former member of British military intelligence (MI5 & MI6) had a nit-picky nature, built model bridges and painted as a hobby; created his own blend of tea called "Lady Ashley Tea; and chronicled his early life's experiences in a diary called "Crisis in Suez" He is also rumored (but never proven) to be the world famous pulp writer Robin Masters. Hillerman also performed in the roles of two of Higgins' distant relatives Father Paddy MacGuinness, an Irish half-brother; and Don Luis Manqueo, a Spanish half-brother. Robert Mederros III appeared in flashback sequences playing Higgins as a young boy. Other cast included Gillian Dobb as Agatha Chumley, a proper British woman who had the hots for Higgins (during the 1982-88 seasons). In reality John Hillerman put on a fake accent each week to portray Higgins' British character.

*(Richard Wyler) Anthony Smith, a British Scotland Yard policeman assigned to the International Police Force (aka "Interpol"). Also featured was John Longden as Superintendent Mercer.

*(Paxton Whitehead) Albert Dudley, a stuffy English butler who supervised a zany staff of servants for an even more eccentric American millionaire and his wife played by Linda Thorsen (formerly Tara King of the British spy adventure THE AVENGERS in the 1960's).

MARK SABER/ABC/1951-54/NBC/1957-59
*(Tom Conway/Donald Gray) Mark Saber, British police detective working with the New York City homicide squad. Later in the series revival he returned as a one-armed private detective based in London who roamed the continent in search of murderers, blackmailers, etc.

**(Hermione Baddeley) Mrs. Nell Naugatuck, a hard-drinking English maid (Maude's second) who worked for Maude Findlay, a liberated housewife living in Tuckahoe, New York. Nell got along well with the man of the house, Walter Findlay but never saw eye to eye with the opinionated wife. Mrs. Naugatuck later married her gentleman friend, Bert Beasley and retuned to England.

*(Roger Moore) Cousin Beaureguard Maverick, a Civil War veteran who went to England and returned to America as a cultured Englishman (accent and all) to roam the American West in search of fortune.

*(Amanda Pays/costar) Theora Jones, a computer control room expert with a British accent working for the futuristic TV Network 23. Theora monitored all the camera work and broadcasts of award winning investigative reporter, Edison Carter.

*(Anton Rodgers/costar) Alec Callender, a 53-year-old widowed British solicitor who falls in love with Zoe Angell (Eve Matheson), a 27-year-old physical education teacher needing advise about getting a divorce. Other cast included Frances White as Vera Flood, Alec's efficient secretary; Rebecca Lacey as Hilary, Alec's' other assistant; Paul Venables as Alec's grown son Jamie Callender; Carolyn Pickles as Alec's married daughter Simone Callender; Kate Williams as Dot Angell; Ashley Jensen as Rosie MacConnachy; Chrissie Coterill as Debbie; Paul Raynor as Roy Morgan Jones; and Clive Francis as Alec's partner, Miles Henty. Later in the series, Lesley Dunlop replaced Eve Matheson in the role of Zoe Callender.

MERLIN/NBC/1998 (Miniseries)
*(Sam Neill) Merlin the Wizard, born of pagan magic who stands beside Arthur as he claims the sword Excalibur, becomes King of England, builds Camelot, is betrayed by his wife, Guinevere and battles the evil magic of Arthur's sister Morgan Le Fey and her bastard son Mordred (Sired by Arthur). Told from the point of view of Merlin, the cast included Paul Curran as King Arthur Pendragon; Lena Headey as Queen Guinevere; Helena Bonham Carter as Morgan Le Fey; John Gielgud as King Constant; Rutger Hauer as Lord Vortigern; James Earl Jones as the Mountain King; Miranda Richardson in the dual roles of Queen Mab and the Lady of the Lake; Isabella Rossellini as Nimue; Martin Short as Frik; Mark Jax as King Uther Pendragon; John McEnery as Lord Ardent; Thomas Locver as Duke of Cornwall; and Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Sir Boris.

*(Sir Cedric Hardwicke/costar) Professor Crayton, a British teacher on exchange from Cambridge University who taught an English class whose students included Sarah Green, an elderly Jewish widow who decided to enroll in college. The program was re-titled THE GERTRUDE BERG SHOW in January 1962.

*(Christopher Hewett) Mr. Lynn Belvedere, a worldly English gentlemen's gentleman who answered an ad for domestic help placed by a sportswriter's wife in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On a 1986-87 episode, the Immigration Department deported Mr. Belvedere for working in the U.S.A. without the proper papers, but he soon returned to the States (this time legally) to reclaim his job. Christopher Hewitt had previously starred as the manservant, Lawrence on FANTASY ISLAND/ABC/1978-84. David Rappaport appeared as Galen Belevedere, Lynn's dwarf cousin who bested him in everything.

*(Davy Jones/costar) Davy Jones (as himself), a British rock n' roll singer and one of four members of the American rock group "The Monkees".

**(Liam Sullivan) Major Mapoy, an evil British cattle baron who coveted the Monroe homestead located in the Wyoming Territory of 1876.

*(Geraldine McEwan) Miss Rose Farnaby, an elderly woman living in a rural English estate who is visited by the gentle-natured Mulberry, (aka "the Son of Death") charged with taking her to the afterlife. Other cast included Karl Howman as Mulberry; Tony Selby as Bert Finch, the estate handyman; Lill Roughley as Alice Finch, Bert's wife, estate cook and housekeeper; and John Bennett as the Stranger (aka "Death"). The series was later aired on PBS stations nationwide.

*(Keith Michell) Dennis Stanton, an insurance investigator based in San Francisco who spoke with a stylish British accent and carried an umbrella about during his investigations. Introduced in the 1990-91 season.

*(Mike Pratt) Jeff Randall, a London-based British private eye who co-owned Randall and Hopkirk-Private Investigators with his partner, Marty Hopkirk. After Marty is killed by a hit and run driver, he returns to Earth and becomes Jeff's ghostly assistant. Other cast included Annette Andre as Marty's wife, Jean Hopkirk. The series was also known as RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (DECEASED).

**(Ian McShane) Leland, the wealthy British ex-husband of photojournalist Nora Wilde. Even though Leland and Nora are divorced (Leland couldn't keep his hands off women) he still on occasion pursued Nora with hopes of reconciling the marriage. Leland appeared in episodes "Woman Jokes While Husbands Croak (Leland played by Michael York); "Things Change"; and "Brideface Revisited."

*(Charles Shaughnessy) Maxwell Sheffield, a wealthy widower and Broadway producer with a British accent living in Manhattan. Also featured was Nicholle Tom as his oldest daughter, Maggie; Benjamin Salisbury as his son, Brighton; Madeline Zima as his younger daughter, Gracie; and Daniel Davis as Niles, Sheffield's sarcastic British butler. Later in the series, Maxwell married his Jewish-American nanny who had been taking care of his children.

**(Brian Reece) Scotland Yard Inspector Headley, British police officer who interacted with Martin Kane, a former U.S. Air Force colonel working in London as a private eye. The series was also known as ASSIGNMENT DANGER.

**(Michael Des Barres) Jack Allen, a divorced British rock & roll disc jockey who hosts a music and talk program with his ex-wife Dana Burns called "The Burns and Allen Show" at the WKRP radio station in Cincinnati. Des Barres, a former British rocker-turned-actor played the role of a rock singer on the original series WKRP IN CINCINNATI /CBS/1978-82.

9 TO 5/ABC/1982-83/SYN/1986-88
**(Jean Marsh) Roz Keith, British-American office manager who supervised a pool of secretaries for the Midwestern Sales For Consolidated Companies. She was the resident snoop who reported all the office gossip and free-loading to her superiors.

**(Philip Tonge) General Amherst, British colonial officer involved with explorer and Indian fighter Major Robert Rogers during the French and Indian Wars (1754-59) in New York State and Eastern Canada.

**(Elizabeth Bennett) Victoria Upton-Smythe, an efficient secretary with a British accent who worked for David Basner & Associates, a small Chicago based advertising agency. She displayed a small flag of the Union Jack on her desk.

**(Marcia Evans & Carole Shelley) Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon, two zany English sisters who shared a New York City apartment upstairs from Oscar Madison and Felix Unger during the 1970-71 seasons. Their characters resurfaced in THE NEW ODD COUPLE/ABC/1982-83 played by Sheila Anderson and Ronalda Douglas.

*(Richard Wilson) Victor Meldrew, a retired British curmudgeon who is struggling through his later years with his wife and companion Margaret Meldrew (Annette Crosbie). Other cast included Doreen Mantle as Jean Warboys; Angus Deayton as Patrick; Janine Duvitski as Pippa; Owen Brenman as Nick Swainey; Gordon Peters as Ronnie; Jean Challis as Mildred; and Barbara Ashcroft as Mildred. The series aired on PBS stations nationwide.

*(Stanley Holloway) Higgins, a British butler inherited by the middle-class American branch of the English MacRoberts clan. Also featured were Frank Maxwell as Duncan MacRobert; Audrey Totter as his wife, Alice; Ricky Kellman and K. C. Butts as their sons Tommy and Dinghy; and Regina Groves as their daughter, Joanie. The series was an earlier version of the sitcom MR. BELVEDERE.

*(Edward Woodward/costar) Maxwell Beckett, a former Scotland Yard Inspector turned crime novelist who now lived in San Francisco. He reluctantly teamed with a female obituary writer to solve crimes and to inspire his novels which as of late hadn't been selling very well.

*(Malcolm McDowell/costar) Professor Stephen Pynchon, a prickly Englishman teaching philosophy at an East Coast university who interacts with the series title character (Pearl), a wisecracking widow.

*(Roger Moore/costar) Lord Brett Sinclair, British aristocrat and playboy who was teamed with a Brooklyn born self-made American millionaire to troubleshoot criminal cases that couldn't be handled by conventional means. Filmed in England.

*(Clive Revill/costar) Larry Dunhill, a grumpy, loutish British editor working for a gossip magazine in New York City. His office displays photographs of the Royal Family.

*(Twiggy Lawson/costar) Princess Georgiana De La Rue, aka "Georgy," a penniless widow of a European prince from the Island of Scilly (south coast of England) who shared a roomy Manhattan apartment with two beautiful single woman while waiting for attorneys to settle her husband's will.

*(Patrick McGoohan) The Prisoner, a British espionage agent who was imprisoned in a strange coastal resort town after abruptly quiting the service and assigned the designation of "Number 1." Leo McKern (who played Clang, the East Indian high priest in the 1965 Beatles' film "Help!") played the second and final Number 2, the man responsible for interrogating Number 1.

*(Ann Sothern) Susan "Susie" McNamara, private secretary for the theatrical agency International Artists, Inc. in New York City. Susie was born in Mumford Indiana, her ancestors come from Scotland.

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