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*(Harry Bellaver/costar) Sgt. Frank Arcaro, a New York City policeman of Italian descent who worked with a variety of plainclothes detectives in solving assorted murders, assaults, and muggings within the Big Apple. Frank Arcaro was promoted to detective later in the series.

*(Melina Kanakaredes/costar) Angela Villanova, Italian-American investigative reporter for the New York Reporter newspaper. Other cast included Anthony DeSando as reporter Anthony Amato.

(Joe Rogan) Joe Garelli, the macho, electronic maintenance technician for WNYX, an all-news radio station in New York City. He is extremely talented when it comes to electronics but his social skills are sometimes lacking. His romantic interest is African-American news co-anchor, Catherine Duke. Joe once said “I’m Joe Girelli. I’m not afraid of anything.” (except alien abductions).

*(Bonnie Franklin) Ann Romano, an independent, Italian American divorcee living in Indianapolis with her two teenage daughters Julie and Barbara Cooper (Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli). Once Anne's volatile, old-world father loudly proclaimed. "Your cousin Rosalie got a PH.D. You got a divorce!"

*(Richard Libertini) Richard Capparelli, a free-spirited New Age Italian police detective working in an eccentric beach community of Venice, California with his conservative black partner.

*(Tito Virolo) Papa Cellini, an Italian patriarch living in New York City with his wife, Mama Cellini (Carla De Angelo/Cada Ruggeri). Other family members were Carol Sinclair as Nita; and Aristide Sigismondi as Antonio.


*(Rhea Perlman) Mrs. Pearl Caraldo, a wisecracking Italian-American widow of a longshoreman who enrolls in a prestigious university to better herself. Her foil is a snobby British philosophy professor. Also featured were Carol Kane as Annie Caraldo; and Dash Mihok as Joey Caraldo, Pearl’s grown son.

**(David Quane) Captain Edward "Capone" Terelli, Italian-American Marine Fighter pilot stationed at the Naval air station in in Pensacola, Florida.

*(Perry Como) Perry Como, an easy-going crooner of Italian descent who hosted this very successful musical variety program for more than a decade. Over the years he has become a familiar face at Christmas time when he hosted his annual Yuletide special. See also THE FRANK SINATRA SHOW and THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW for other Italian-American TV singers.

*(Barry Newman) Anthony "Tony" Petrocelli, an Italian-American Harvard educated attorney who chose to live and practice law in the fictional Southwestern town of San Remo with his wife, Maggie (Susan Howard).

*(Matt Borlenghi/costar) Johnny, an Italian-American lawyer working for the district attorney office who shared an Manhattan apartment with four other guys.

**(Sara Rue) Carmen “Carm” Ferrara, a student at Kennedy High School. She wants to fit into the "popular" crowd at school but they resist her attempts, especially Nicole Julian, the co-captain of the cheerleaders who uses every opportunity to humiliate Carmen. Despite the drawbacks, Carmen has tried out for the cheerleading squad and endeavored to become home coming queen. Her best and "unpopular" friends included school reporter Samantha McPherson and Lily Esposito.

*(Dean Stockwell/costar) Admiral Al Calavicci, a lecherous, cigar smoking naval officer of Italian descent who was assigned to project Quantum Leap, a time travel experiment that went awry. Al appeared as a holographic projection.

QUINCY, M.E./NBC/1976-83
**(Val Bisoglio) Danny Tovo, Italian-American businessman who owned the marina bar and eatery named “Danny’s Place” - the hangout of coroner Dr. Quincy and friends.

*(Joseph Bologna) Nick Foley, (real name: Nicholas Folitini) a hard-nosed, hard-living, self-made millionaire of Italian descent (born in Hoboken, New Jersey) who owned Foley Foods, a large West coast food company. He shared his Bel Air Mansion with a very hip English butler and five orphan girls whom he reluctantly adopted (but grew to love).

*(James Luisi) Lt. Frank Marciano, Los Angeles police detective of Italian descent who recruited seven young gang leaders to form the Renegades, a special undercover police squad of crime fighting youths; Also featured was Paul Mones as J. T., the leader of the Romans, an Italian street gang.

**(June Chadwick) Lt. Joanna Parisi, an Italian-American police detective who interacted with California-based private detectives Nick Ryder and Cody Allen. Also featured were Cesar Romero as Angelo; an oceanographer; and Ava Lazar as Giovanna, Angelo's daughter. Gianni Russo as Straightaway, a local restaurateur; and Anne Francis as Mama Jo, the skipper of the all-female crew charter boat, the "Barefoot Contessa."

**(Sebastian Roche) Longinus, an evil 400-year-old Roman centurion unable to die who uses his sorcerer powers to aide in the downfall of a Celtic kingdom during the year 400 A.D. in Ireland. Roche is actually a British born actor.

*(Dom Irrera) Roman Carciofi, an Italian concierge and counter man who followed the romantic goings-on in a Manhattan highrise apartment building. Roman was replaced by Aldo (Don Novello).

*(John Mendoza) John Palmaro, a newly-divorced 42-year-old Italian-American sportswriter for the Chicago Daily Post. Also featured were Jessica Lundy as Denise Palmaro, John’s sister; Ellen Blain as his fourteen-year-old, Cathy; Brooke Stanley as his nine-year-old, Ruth; Joe Guzaldo as his friend and coworker, David Keller; and Wayne Knight as Robert Piccolo, John‘s editor.

*(Gil Gerard) Sgt. Jake Rizzo, Italian-American plainclothes police detective who adopted a karate-kicking oriental youth as a favor to the boys grandfather. Magda Harout played Jake's mother who was not above using guilt to get what she wanted. Jake's father (now deceased) was a shoemaker.

**(Cartoon Character) Anthony "Fat Tony" D'Amico (voice of Joe Mantegna), a cigar-smoking Mafia don living in the fictional town of Springfield. Tony and his gang of thugs are often seen playing cards in the back room of some building. Tony can be heard saying such things as "Why, I'd be delighted to sell you some illegally smuggled goods."; "How do you know you don't like bribes if you've never taken one? Here."; "Then it's decided. Our website name will be" According to local law enforcement Chief Wiggum, Fat Tony is a "cancer on this fair city. He is the cancer and I am the...uh..what cures cancer?" When Tony is confronted with an interrogation, he plays dumb and responds with statements like "What's a murder," or "What's a truck?"

**(David Eigenberg) Nick Delvechio, a native New Yorker of Italian descent with a wise-ass personality. Hired by the DEA, Nick specialized in deep cover operations. He later resigned from the D.E.A. and was recruited by the Special Ops Forces group.

*(James Gandolfini) Tony Soprano, Italian-American mobster (a waste disposal firm operator) living in suburban New Jersey who begins to see a therapist Dr. Jennifer Melfi (played by Lorraine Bracco) to relate his troubles about his mistress, his wife, his kids and his professional life as a mafioso. Other cast included Nancy Marchand as Tony's selfish, spoiled, mother, Livia; Edie Falco as his wife, Carmela; Robert Iler as Anthony Jr., Tony's son who has attention deficit disorder; Michael Imperioli as Tony's hotheaded nephew, Christopher Moltisanti; Dominic Chianese as Tony's power-mad Uncle Jr.; Jamie Lynn Sigler as Meadow Soprano, Tony‘s brash teenage daughter; Aida Turturro as Janice Soprano; Stevie Van Zandt as Silvio Dante, manager of a strip club and Tony Soprano's closest friend; Tony Sirico as Paulie Walnuts; Joseph Badalucco, Jr. as Jimmy Altieri; John Ventimiglia as Artie Bucco; Kathrine Narducci as Charmaine Bucco; Vincent Pastore as “Big Pussy” Bompensiero; Anthony DeSando as Brendan Filone; Lillo Brancato as Matt Bevilaqua; Robert Lupone as Dr. Cusomano; David Proval as Richie Aprile; Michael Rispoli as Jackie Aprile; Al Sapienza as Mikey Palmice; Drea De Matteo as Adrianna; and Sharon Angela as Rosalie. The same year this cable TV series debuted, a similar plotline hit the movie theaters in Analyze This, a black comedy starring Robert DeNiro as a mobster who seeks the services of a psychologist (played by Billy Crystal). The same theme had already appeared on National Lampoon's the Don's Analyst an original movie that aired on The Movie Channel in the Fall of 1997. It starred Kevin Pollack and Robert Loggia with a tagline that read "The Godfather wants to get in touch with his feelings...NOW!" The Sopranos series was created by David Chase (his last name was originally DeCesare) who grew up in New Jersey in an Italian-American family.

**(Tracy Nelson) Jennifer DiNuccio, attractive teenager who goes to Weemawee Central High School in the town of Weemawee Heights. Also appearing is Jon Caliri as Vinnie Pasetta, the class loverboy.

*(Richard Castellano) Joe Girelli, a 260-pound, beer drinking building superintendent working in a walk-up apartment in New York City. Living in the multi-ethnic apartment house was his Italian-American family including Ardel Sheridan as his wife, Francesca; Margaret Castellano as his daughter, Joanne (Richard Castellano's real daughter); Bruce Kirby, Jr. as his son, Anthony; and Phil Mishkin as Frankie, Joe's big-shot lawyer brother.

T. J. HOOKER/ABC/1982-87
**(Adrian Zmed) Officer Vince Romano, a uniformed policeman of Italian descent who worked for an fictional Southern California police force. On one episode the script mentioned he was raised in South Philadelphia. Later in the series, James Darren joined the cast as Officer Jim Corrigan.

*(Tony Danza/costar) Tony Banta, a sincere but dumb Italian-American cabdriver working for the Sunshine Cab Company in New York City whose dream in life was to become a successful boxer. However, there was one problem. He continually got knocked out. Danny DeVito appeared as Louie DePalma the diminutive, sleazy cab dispatcher who tried to get into the pants of any woman within sight of his lecherous grasp. Paisano Tony Danza [born April 21, 1951 as Tony Iadanza] was raised in a tough Italian-Irish neighborhood in Brooklyn.

*(Debi Mazar) Deb DeAngelo, a street smart single Italian-American woman with a pronounced Brooklynese accent who used her past experiences from 27 jobs to work for an Upper East Side employment agency that specialized in offbeat jobs and upscale clients. Nancy Cassaro played Deb's close friend Anne Marie.

**(Gino Conforti) Nino, the owner of Nino’s Italian Restaurant in Manhattan that is frequented actress wanna-be Ann Marie (“That Girl”) and her reporter boyfriend Donald Hollinger.

THAT ‘70s SHOW/FOX/1998-2006
**(Laura Prepon) Donna Pinciotti, 17-year-old Italian-American female with long red hair who lives in Wisconsin during the late 1970s (1976 to be exact). She hangs out with a group of teenagers, one of which, is Eric Forman, her next-door neighbor and romantic interest. Don Stark and Tanya Roberts played Donna’s parents Bob, a discount store owner and Midge, a housewife.

**(Jason Wiles) Maurice Louis "Bosco" Boscorelli, glory-hungry, hot-headed New York cop. "Bosco’s attitude gets him in trouble," says Wiles, "but he’s the guy you’d want there in a crisis because he gets the job done." Other cast includes Kim Raver as Kim Zambrano, a NYPD police officer who “is thrill seeking and compassionate, a dedicated adrenaline junkie with a streetwise smarts but self-destructiveness when it comes to men.” Kim Raver is fluent in French and German (learned from her German born mother).

**(Jordon Charney) Frank Angelino, a bearded Italian-American businessman and owner of Angelino's, an Italian restaurant located in Santa Monica, California. Mr. Angelino hired Jack Tripper as a chef when he graduated from culinary school. Mr. Angelino's character appeared during the 6th and 7th season. A knife-wielding Hispanic kitchen worker named Felipe (Gino Conforti) resented Jack for getting hired as chef, because he had been working at Angelino's for six years and felt he deserved the chance of being chef over Jack. In 1982 Mr. Angelino and landlord Ralph Furley put up the money to open Jack's own eatery, a French cuisine eatery called Jack's Bistro. Christina Hart appeared as Angelino's grown daughter Francesca Angelino, whom Jack dated (against Frank's wishes).

**(Peggy Mondo) Mama Vitale, an Italian housekeeper working for an American college professor and his family while they lived in Rome, Italy. Other neighbors included Vito Scotti as Gino Mancini; and Gerald Michenaud as Nico.

*(Tony Musante) David Toma, an Italian-American undercover street detective working out of Newark, New Jersey. The series was based on the real-life undercover detective David Toma. When Tony Musante left the series, the program was changed to BARETTA starring Robert Blake as Tony Baretta, a similar streetwise undercover cop.

*(Tony Danza) Tony DiMeo, a recently separated Italian-American sportswriter with an old world mentality living in New York City with his two daughters after his wife deserted the family. Also featured were Ashley Mallinger as Tony’s daughter Mickey DiMeo, a 17-year-old delinquent; and Majandra Delfino as Tony’s other daughter Tina, an 11-year-old pubescent poetry writing neurotic.

*(Joseph Bologna) Charlie Verducci, an Italian-American apartment building manager living in Chicago who was always looking for a get rich scheme. Matt LeBlanc played his dim-witted, ex-boxer son, Vinnie who worked at a country club managed by Alixandra Stone (Rita Moreno), an Hispanic female that Charlie Verducci was trying to impress.

*(Dan Hedaya) Nick Tortelli, an Italian-American TV Repairman who lived in Las Vegas with his new wife, Loretta, a former showgirl. Nick was the sleaze ball ex-husband of Carla Tortelli, the waitress on CHEERS. Also featured were Timothy Williams as Nick's dumb son, Anthony; and Mandy Ingber as Annie, Anthony's young wife.

*(James Remar) Frank Cisco, Italian-American owner and operator of Total Security, a private security firm based in Los Angeles.

**(Richard Foronjy) Detective Lou Barbini, an Italian-American police officer who worked homicide on the streets of the Pacific Northwest (The series was filmed in Portland, Oregon). Also featyured were Philip Casnoff as Sergeant James Vitelli of the Internal Affairs Division; and Anthony DeSando as Detective Costa Papadakos.

**(Bruce Gordon) Frank Nitti, an Italian-American mobster who took over the reigns of the Chicago underworld when Al Capone was arrested on tax-evasion in the early 1930's. His activities were closely monitored by Federal agent Eliot Ness and his squad of Treasury agents, who hope to put Nitti behind bars for his illegal operations. Although the program was quite popular with the general public, the use of Italian characters in criminal roles aroused the wrath of the Italian-American League to Combat Defamation. Their group threatened to boycott advertisers over their concerns. On March 17, 1961, the pressure group settled the matter with ABC. They network agreed there would be no more fictitious hoodlums with Italian names and more emphasis was to be given concerning the great contributions made by Italian Americans. Reportedly, the advertising agency of Liggett & Myers did withdraw sponsorship from the ABC program. One positive Italian image seen on the series was that of Federal Agent Enrico Rossi (Nick Giorgiade), a Chicago barber who turned states evidence on the Chicago mobsters and later was recruited by the elite group of federal investigator's known as "The Untouchables," headed by Eliot Ness.

*(Vitorrio Rossi/costar) Dino Moroni, a local fence and street hood who let his friend Victor Torres, take a fall for an armed robbery charge. Dino was now the target of investigation of the Montreal Tribune newspaper who recently hired Victor Torres to get the dirt on Moroni.

**(Natalie Raitano) Nikki Franco, Italian-American weapons and explosives specialist and bodyguard who protects high profile celebrities for Vallery Irons Protection in Los Angles. She has a Sicilian uncle Vincent Franco who is Mafia “Godfather.” On one episode, Don Franco got shot and Nikki was given a ring and status of a Don.

**(Joshua Grenrock) Tony Faguzzi, a fumbling basketball player (a.k.a. the "Italian Stallion") who played for the Waverly High School in Eastfield, Wisconsin.

*(John Travolta/costar) Vinnie Barbarino, a cool, Brooklyn High School student and member of the Sweathogs, an unruly group of hard-to-educate teenagers. Vinnie referred to his Italian-American mother as a "Saint" and answered questions with the comeback phrase "What?... Where?" Later in the series, Vinnie moved into his own run-down apartment and took a job as an orderly in a local hospital.

**(Kaye Ballard) Mrs. Trevi Travalony, a nosy Italian-American next-door neighbor (with Psychic abilities) who was always popping in unexpectedly on a family who secretly owned a vaudevillian dummy that talked.

*(Tony Danza/costar) Tony Micelli, an Italian-American widower and ex-baseball player who left the tough inner city of Brooklyn, New York to work as a male housekeeper in Connecticut to give his daughter, Samantha (Alyssa Milano) a better lifestyle. Tony became a father image to the son of his divorced female employer, with whom he later fell in love. Occasionally, Tony visited his old neighborhood to see such family acquaintances as Mrs. Carmilla Rozinni (Rhoda Gemignani) who often cried "You're so thin! Manga, Eat!" Later in the series Tony adopted a 5-year-old boy named Billy Napoli (Jonathan Halyalkar) after he promised the boy's elderly grandmother (Vera Lockwood) that he would care for the boy. Also featured were James Coco as Tony's ex-con father-in-law, Nick Milano; Ana Obregan as Tony's cousin, Anna; Vito Scotti as Tony's uncle, Aldo; Richard Grieco as cousin Maurio Micelli; Antonia Ray as aunt Rosa Micelli and Louis Guss as cousin, Dominic Micelli.

**(Tony Shalhoub) Antonio Scarpacci, an Italian-American cabdriver who hung out at an airport lunch counter at Tom Nevers Field on Nantucket Island. He once mentioned that he came to America stowed away inside a small box with his five cousins. To stay in this country, he engaged in a marriage of convenience with a local woman named Helen Chappel. Once during a cab ride, Antonio shared this bit of information "In Italy when three people with a shovel drive to a place with soft ground, It's never a round trip." Tony Shalhoub is a first generation American of Lebanese descent who grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His father Joe Shalhoub, a sausage salesman, emigrated from Beirut in 1920.

*(Ken Wahl) Vincent "Vinnie" M. Terranova, an Italian-American FBI undercover agent who went to jail for 18 months to establish his cover so he could infiltrate the mob (Mafia types) in New Jersey. Gerald Anthony appeared as Vinnie's priest brother. The series also featured a number of mobsters including Stanley Tucci as Rick Pinzolo; George O. Petrie as Don Rudy Auippo; William Russ as Roger Lococco; and Ray Sharkey as Sonny Steelgrave, an Atlantic City mobster.

*(Jack Scalia) Anthony "Tony" Wolf, an Italian-American ex-cop turned private Detective who lived on a boat called the "Sea Wolf" anchored in San Francisco harbor. Also featured were Joseph Sirola as Sal Lupo, Tony's, hot-headed father; Mimi Kuzyk as Connie Bacarri, Tony's now divorced high school sweetheart; and J.C. Brandy as her teenage daughter, Angeline.

*(Sid Caesar) Giuseppe Marinara, a zany Italian filmmaker featured on recurring skits on this popular variety program.

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